Policy Enforcement for Main Image


We’ve been selling on Amazon for many years and the rules have been pretty straight forward for the products we sell. The email we received today about ‘policy enforcement of main images’ in a confusing one. We sell 10 piece bedding sets. To show the bedding set that consists of a comforter, pillow, sheets, window coverings, etc… Our main image shows the full 10 piece set bedding set display in the bedroom. Showing a bedding set on a white background isn’t really possible. I think it’s really only displayed properly in a bedroom setting. Can anyone advise if what we sell would be an exemption based on the commodity? If not, any suggestions on how we should conform to this new enforced rule?

New Product Image Rules

There are no exemptions

Policy Enforcement for items having prohibited main images in Home, Home Improvement, Kitchen, Furniture Lawn and Garden category

Images that meet our Image Guidelines improve the customer experience. To ensure the best possible customer experience, Amazon will hide (suppress) listings that do not meet our main image requirements.

By July 2018, you may see items suppressed due to the following defects in the main image:

  • Non-White Background
  • Blurry or pixelated image or image with jagged edges
  • Image with any text, logo, graphic, or watermarks shown
  • Multiple product views or colors or sizes are shown in image
  • Product on model
  • Product occupies less than 85% of the frame

Follow these steps to address main image issues, which may lead to search suppression of your ASINs:

  1. Go to Inventory > Inventory Reports.
  2. Select the “Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report”: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/listing/reports.
  3. Click the “Request Report” button.
  4. Download the report and review the issues with the Field Name = Main Image URL
  5. To correct a problem, upload a new main image that meets Amazon’s image requirements:
  • Image that is not blurry or pixelated and doesn’t have jagged edges
  • Image that doesn’t show any text, logos, graphics, or watermarks but shows only a real product photo
  • Image that shows only one (front) product view (and one color/size), except if several items are sold together as a multi-pack, which must be mentioned in the title
  • Image with pure white background
  • Image with product shot flat without a model
  • Image where product occupies 85% of the frame

Note: After you upload the correct main image, expect a 2-day delay to reinstate any suppressed ASIN.
To learn more about suppressed listings, refer to the following Help page:

You could prob do something like this
B06X16V7LP or B01IR0YJAQ with the set stacked then your other images can show the bed and whatever. Its the main image that has to have the changes.

You could try to have the bed and remove the background of the room making it white


Another example asin B017IF3FUQ


You are allowed secondary images.
Make your main image of the product only conforming to Amazon’s image requirements and use any secondary images needed to show the item as needed to give a better description of the product.

And there is nothing NEW about this rule.


That looks arguably worse than all the sponsored products related to this item or customers also shopped for.


Tell it to Amazon I didn’t make the rules. Just showing examples of listings that meet the requirements.


I took a look at this listing…Looks like they did a good job…But on the same page down below where Amazon suggests other listings…There are listings showing this type of product showing the full bedroom seen as the main image…Lamps and pictures and all the furniture…


It’s neither a new rule, nor a newly enforced rule. You just finally got caught not adhering to the rule. Bummer.

I feel your pain, and believe me, I understand.
In the past, we have sold while lace dresses. White lace dress on a white background? Not the most fun thing in the world. And let me tell you about White Feather hair barrettes… But I digress.

Anyway, If Amazon is cracking down on your non-conforming product photos, and you can’t figure out how to shoot your bedding set without your bedroom setting and accessories present to tell the rest of the story, it might be time to hire a photographer who can.


I totally agree. Lots especially in that category most are using full set pictures. Most do not conform to the image guide lines. As per the email notifications sent out there are about to fix it.

And come July 2018, you may see items suppressed due to the following defects in the main image:

Non-White Background
Blurry or pixelated image or image with jagged edges
Image with any text, logo, graphic, or watermarks shown
Multiple product views or colors or sizes are shown in image
Product on model
Product occupies less than 85% of the frame


Good topic. Does anyone know the policy of the following?

I have complained a few times without any action on a competitor, who I believe, is not following the rules. We are in the Health Household category. The manufacturer seller has all their listings with text above of the product image showing item count and an American flag graphic. Example, 2 PACK (made in the usa) and flag. Needless to say, he came in and became the number 1, 2 listing in our category. They skyrocketed based on pricing their two pack variation below the single pack pricing for a while.

I had no response when asking if I could do the same thing as this seller has been doing, as nothing was done to them. Should I just do the same?



Once you get the “Main”(first) image correct to Amazon’s standards, then the other 8 you are allowed more freedom to show off the product…So a full bedroom scene would be acceptable on the other 8 images…Am I correct on this??


Yes. :slight_smile:


Yes other images can show few props and text relating to the products size or intended use. Logos and watermarks are still not allowed on secondary images.


No… Don’t do the same. Keep your listing nice and clean. You’ll feel better about yourself, and when a bot finally comes through and nicks them, you won’t feel the pinch.


Very Good…Thank You!! I come from the “handmade” section of Amazon and images not so restrictive…Been listing some of my handmade stuff here on the “regular side” of Amazon…As the song from guns and roses says…“welcome to the Jungle!!”


Amazon is going to look a pretty silly site if it actually enforces these new rules. I imagine many shoppers will be amused:

  1. Office Supplies department will have a lot of white-on-white background images, the white product having to be bordered by a black rectangle, I suppose. Because sellers won’t be able to show the colorful packaging it comes in, because of the rule below.

  2. “Image with any text, logo, graphic, or watermarks …” I imagine than MOST products in the entire UNIVERSE are packaged in containers that have text, a logo, and a graphic. Surely Amazon doesn’t want us to unpackage the product and photograph it.

“Hi. See this black paint spilled on a white board? Yeah, us too. See second picture of the stuff in a can.”


A neutral colored background is allowed, you do not have to have the pure white. That is the only exception as it relates to images. The rest of the rules still apply to the handmade category.


This does not apply to the item itself. Amazon doesn’t want text, logos, graphics or watermarks to be added to the photo.


If the text is part of or on the product it is allowed. The rules is no watermarks or text added to the main image.

They absolutely require the product main image as the product and no packaging. Of course some items like food paint Etc would be in a container.

They are referring to the box the container is in if any.

Selling a camera they want the camera displayed not the Box to the camera.


You should have some shadowing. It’s possible to make the background pure white and keep the white sheet recognizable, but it’s not the easiest if you don’t have the right program.