Policy change for missed FBA shipping appointments


We are continuously working to make FBA products available to customers faster. When carriers miss delivery appointments at our fulfillment centers, processing time for all FBA shipments can increase.

As of August 25, 2020, consistent failure to meet appointments may result in a suspension of FBA shipping privileges. If your carrier is unable to make the FBA shipment delivery appointment, we request that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

For more information, visit Carrier requirements for LTL and FTL deliveries.


Since so many carriers are missing their pickups, is Amazon recommending a shift to small pack (when possible)? Re: Partnered Carriers for LTL



Carriers do not notify us of upcoming appointments or missed appointments. Tracking doesn’t even update for days most of the time. I’m very confused.


Our carriers do not miss their appointments–Amazon cancels them out! What will do with that issue???

If course, you cant talk to anyone.


I would make the assumption this is meant for those that are not using Amazon Partnered Carriers.


Why is the 3rd party seller always at fault and subject to penalty?? Especially since we have NO CONTROL over what a carrier does or doesn’t do?? Also, what about Amazon in this equation - when it comes to timely receiving of inbound FBA shipments, and almost always a clockwork re-direct to another FC even though we split the shipment and shipped the products exactly where they told us to ship it too? It takes FOREVER to get FBA inventory into active fulfillable status and we the 3rd party sellers are to blame for a 3rd party carrier who we have no control over? Come On Amazon, get real here! QUIT PENALIZING THE 3RD PARTY SELLERS Your making doing business on Amazon more and more difficult!


Amazon policy:

  • Only professional carriers are allowed to make delivery appointments at Amazon fulfillment centers.

  • All carriers must register with Amazon before appointments will be granted.

Why doesn’t Amazon simply implement this with the carrier since the carriers must be “professional” and register in their system anyways.

Another thing outside of our control we need to worry about.


What are you talking about? They will lose our business if they do not reciprocate & we’ll switch to the next marketplace. Oh wait, they don’t have to worry about reciprocating if there is no real alternative & they simply stifle any upcoming ones to keep it that way. Smart :smirk:


This confuses me. Are they speaking on pallet shipments? Does this not apply to me since I have never made an appointment for drop off. I would love for someone to explain further. Thanks in advance.


This is likely LTL carriers, but could be other carriers who are not partnered. Using a partnered carrier will address most problems.

Others still need to be registered with Amazon to book their appointment. I doubt that Amazon would blacklist a carrier, but that might be a suggestion to address the ongoing concern. A suspension in their ability to make delivery appointments for 30 or 90 days might fix that problem and shift it to where it belongs since the seller does not own/operate the carrier. At least then, the carrier will know the pain. It might even be worth while for the seller who ends up getting a delayed delivery considers including terms (which will be rejected) in the carrier agreement.

Also note that most carriers will only deliver during daylight hours with additional charges for after hours delivery (usually doubling the carrier fees) and since Amazon is a 7x24 operation, that does make things difficult. Not to mention when the previous carrier arrives late or the receiving team takes longer to debark the pallets on the trailer.

I agree that this policy needs to be rethought and should be suspended until Amazon finds a better way to deal with the carriers.

Especially during Q4, the situation becomes even worse where Amazon cancels and reschedules the delivery date or time by days or even weeks. Amazon should be compensating the seller for all such delays outside of the seller’s control. When the previous carrier is at fault, Amazon should contact that carrier with penalties or sanctions.



perfect way to eliminate 3rd party companies to deliver to amazon.


From our experience, 80% of our so called “partnered carrier” shipments dont even bother to pick up the shipment to begin with. I quit using their “partnered carrier” ever since one carrier held our shipment at random demanding more money since his BOL weight was off.

Never again


what difference does it make since delivered boxes sit in the warehouse unopened for sometimes weeks at a time?? what about that problem??


Yes it confuse me as well. They send this info on the seller central and we do not know what this even means. If this message for carriers or for seller as well?. I have never make appointment to drop off my merchandise at the UPS center.


And I was hoping they would add a policy that says: When our Amazon employee delivery drivers can’t find the address to deliver your items, we will refund your FBA fees because Amazon is the one who dropped the ball. [fat chance]
Or a policy that states: If your shipment sits in our warehouse for more than 3 days before entering receiving, Amazon will credit your seller account $. [fatter chance]


So we started using UPGF because “amazon partnered carriers” would regularly not show up for a week or 2 and a few times not at all…now you want sellers to go back to that crap show by making it an issue if deliveries are late by even 30mins? dirty pool old man.


Nope, sorry Amazon. You recently missed a pickup and did not “notify” me or anyone else involved. Then you rescheduled without any consultation for 2 WEEKS later! Zero notification! Do you get any punishment for that? No of course not. But anyone else has an issue they will be pounded. Put your own house in order before you threaten others businesses with suspension. Get your S together!


Understandably no one wants their shipment to miss it’s scheduled delivery time. It’s a waste of time for Amazon, for LTL & FTL carriers and could result in a loss of sales for sellers if not corrected quickly.

There are a few fundamental problems with this policy change though:

1. Late Notice of Policy Change
Why are we, the people the policies affect, constantly the last to know about a change in policy? (serious question)

2. No Carrier Metrics available for Sellers
If a carrier misses the delivery time for our shipment, we have no metrics available in Seller Central to confirm and track this.

3. Consistent Failure is Vague
How many times is considered consistent? Every time, every other time, 2 times in the year…?

4. Carrier Specific Delivery Data Unavailable
As a seller I am interested in using the best carrier. If carriers have issues with delivering and Amazon knows about it, can we be made aware of carrier delivery data?

5. Seller’s Cannot Communicate with Amazon about Delivery Changes

There is no mechanism to share this information with Amazon for sellers. Only carriers can make appointments and communicate about them. How should we alert Amazon that our carrier will be unable to meet their delivery appointment?

Given the above I believe this is a policy that should be applied to Carrier Central not Seller Central. If carriers are unable to meet the delivery times given to them by Amazon in Carrier Central then they should be charged for Amazon’s time. Period. (The majority of professional carriers already charge an “Amazon Delivery Fee” to cover the additional work of managing an Amazon delivery. There is no need for Amazon to penalize sellers when there is an opportunity to just charge fees to carriers. Amirite?)

In addition missed delivery metrics by Carrier Central professional carriers should be shared by Amazon with sellers so we can make the best decision of who we want to use to deliver our merchandise.


I agree on all points

It’s completely illogical that sellers should be in any way responsible for this.


Thank you for your post! This is well outlined in all aspects. Hopefully a mod sees this and takes it into consideration.