Nice! We’re contacting you to let you know that our website inadvertently disclosed your email address due to a technical error


Have received several phishing e-mails recently so would immediately expect as much if we did receive this one (which we have not).


we received the same email just now
should we change the password?


It is unbelievable. That is odd.


I got this too!!! I am not happy!


this is the header:
Authentication-Results: spf=pass (sender IP is
the IP belongs to Amazon, so the email is real, no need to change the password.

was it the same IP?


I wonder why the 10’s of million sellers didn’t get the email. You must be very special in the eyes of Amazon. :train2:


got it too…could the message be more vague?

i have a chinese seller that somehow got my personal email address hounding me to change a product review…is THAT what they mean?

was my account info handed over to sellers or buyers or both??


yes i got the same email just now for for USA as well as EU.


We got it, too. About an hour ago.


Me too.


I got it just about an hour ago too. What a strangely worded message.


Just got the same email.

With Amazon it’s always something sighs


It’s as if a 10 year old composed the message…


Got it too. And this is after last month my payment account number was changed to an account ending in (try). We quit selling on because of this, along with poor support received for that marketplace. It was a few months back that there was a report of Amazon employees selling seller data to the Chinese.

It would seem Amazon has some serious security issues to resolve. Do as @Rushdie noted - change your email address and passwords. With such a vague email from Amazon, who knows how our information was leaked and to whom.


Got the same e-mail this morning.

Who knows what they’re not disclosing about this. Hopefully nothing…


I received one too today


I could be a host on cloud.


Yes, I got it too which brought me to the forums. It reads and looks very unauthentic and “scammy”.


There is virtually no news, yet, in the mainstream news, however, hacker groups, the UK Register, the The Inquirer and BetaNews, are the only ones, who published, so far.

Of course, Amazon doesn’t want to cause mass hysteria, right before Black Friday.

I sincerely do not like the fact, that the link included is, “http” and not “https”. This shows a blatant lack of security protocol on Amazon’s part.


Ok - I received it also.

This opens a can of worms.

I think we all demand to know at least the following:

Who had access to our email
Where they had access to our email
Why they had access to our email
What other data linking to our email was accessible
What steps have been taken to mitigate this

@Rushdie - this would help assuage the concerns among sellers and also help us make better decisions about whether we intend to change our password

On a positive note, I’m set up with 2SV, so I believe I’m backstopped from someone busting into my account, however I need to know the following from Amazon @seamod:

  1. Will Amazon force a 2SV if there is an email address change?
  2. Will Amazon force a 2SV if there is a password change?
  3. Will Amazon email and/or text me with a notification if both of these events happen?

I would feel a lot more safe knowing 1) Yes; 2) Yes; and 3) Yes to both

I think that is reasonable to know. Based on the unacceptable cryptic message this morning I suspect I won’t get that.