New Contact Customer feature for brand owners


Amazon forgot to mention the part that a large percentage of customers opt out of communications. For the 10 reviews we’ve tried this with, 4 hadn’t opted out. Out of those 4, 1 responded. So this isn’t the game changer you may think it is.


Well according to some, they have a 70% success rate. Somebody here is not correct…






This program will be abused by sellers lacking any self esteem or those with ego issues, and it will be removed.
Letting sellers discuss reviews with buyers will not end well in most cases.
This also creates another avenue for garbage sellers to cover for selling trash, and it will be another tool for shady buyers to extract refunds from sellers who don’t have a spine.


Dear Amazon,

This feature is awesome, for the most part my product gets good reviews, but every once in a while I see a review that just screams that there was some sort of defect in the unit the user got individually and not an over all product flaw. This finally allows me to at least try to reach out in some way to try to help that customer, in most cases I’d be more than happy to send a replacement if it means my customer gets a better experience, finally I have that chance, this is awesome!



Very excited Amazon is making it easier to provide good customer service.


Seems like a feature that will just be abused. Best is to move toward just eliminating reviews entirely.


Its hilarious because when you try to contact the customer you cannot even send a customized message. Just Amazon gobbledygook template that the customer wont see or bother to respond to.


Perhaps they mean:
“customers aren’t expected to change their reviews due to this outreach or any potential resolution” (although that would be supercool and is indeed the hope of this option) so don’t be a **** and harass the customer repeatedly or get mad and complain if they don’t make a change.


Yeah i’m sure that’s correct. I just have zero faith that this program will do anything.

For those that care I am going through my reviews right now and sending out the Amazon template. I will try to do this for 100 reviews. I will update with the results.


:clap: #science #data #facts
I hope other Sellers will join you in doing the same!

One might wonder why Amazon doesn’t seem interested in sharing these same findings, which I’m certain that they collect and track.


Lets say you sell Netgear routers. A customer buys one, then leaves a one star review. Does that allow Netgear to contact the customer and give a full refund from your funds?


The words are important…


Lets say I own a brand on here. I don’t actually sell/ship the items myself, but wholesale them to others that do the work for me. Does that allow me to give a refund, even though I didn’t ship the item myself?

EDIT: The “Your Customers” may make the difference then…



Well then they are not…

are they? They are the customers of that seller who is not the brand owner.


Does anybody know the timeframe a customer can actually change or remove a product review? They have 90 days to leave one I am aware. So if a customer leaves a review at 98 days. How long do we have to go to work?


nice, feedback terrorism oh im sure they will remove it if you give your item for free !


Just another tool for buyers to abuse in order to get REFUNDS or free product…

“hurrrrr if i leave negatives they will give me my money back hurrrrr”


I just tried this out. Of the 3 reviews that I had that qualified, 1 of the customers had opted out of seller emails.

We’ll see if anything comes of the 2 messages that went through. I do like that they tell you who has opted out of emails, so you don’t have to guess. It would be even nicer if there was a flag on the review to tell you this or, better yet, no option to send messages to buyers who won’t receive them…