How do I apply for the UPC exemption?


How do I apply for the UPC exemption?


UPC Exemption Process

Using a standard product identifier to create new product pages is the first step to ensuring a high-quality shopping experience for Amazon customers. Using industry-standard identifiers also makes it easier for other sellers to make subsequent data contributions to product pages.

When sellers provide product data to Amazon, we search for matches to existing information. If we find a match, we will merge the product data into a single detail page with multiple seller offers. Reducing the number of product detail pages improves the quality of search results and makes it easier for buyers to find the products they want.

Most categories require sellers to use a standard product ID, such as a UPC, EAN, or ISBN, when creating new product pages or matching to existing pages in the catalog. In the case of private label brands or specialized products, some categories may allow sellers to request exemptions to list products that do not have standard product IDs.

Review the requirements for the categories listed below. Once you have reviewed the category requirements, you can apply for an exemption by clicking the Request Approval button at the bottom of each page. You should receive a response to your request within 7 to 10 business days.

For a full list of categories that allow UPC exemptions, see Overview of Category UPC Requirements.

  • Click on your Help button in Seller Central and type “UPC Exemption”


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Please realize the success rate is very very low.

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