Has anyone ever went through arbitration with Amazon


I’m in agreement with everyone else.

Because of the cost to represent you in arbitration is so high, you won’t find any attorney that is willing to risk taking your case on a contingency basis. Besides, Amazon couldn’t care less about your attorney or lawsuit.

They only thing that frightens them 1/2 to death? The government.



I appreaciate everyone’s ideas so far. I just wanted a second opinion to make sure my head is not to far in the clouds. The Washington state attorney general has agreed to help has a middle entity not giving any legal advice. Hopefully I will have some luck exploring that option.


Seems like that should have been done on the first day. Post your original suspension letter. Looks like something really wrong went down. Were you using FBA, the fees may still be adding up? :train2:


If there is truly 1000’s of other “non associated vape pen accessories” and yours got booted, then yes it is discrimination and you could potentially even sue amazon for not taking action on the other items.


Amazon maintains the right to ban anyone at any time for any cause. You agreed to that.

I think you are about to waste a lot of $.


Put together your charges against them in a bullet point format, and paragraph describing the impact this has had on your business.

Then include these in your writing campaign; SEC, investigative reporters, high profile DC attorneys, Federal Trade Commission, FBI Fraud and/or White Collar Crimes Division, Justice Department, Congress, and the White House.

You’ll have plenty of company.

These are the “nasty” things they are doing to us; sabotaging our shipments, stealing our inventory, piling on bogus errors, activating listings for collectibles that we haven’t had in 4-1/2 years, updated about 10,000 of our inventory listings, changing 1,000 listings to $1.00, dropping the price of my Webkinz to 1/3 their value; 1/2 of what we paid for them causing them to sell out, suppressing our feedback, even caught them suppressing sales because my items weren’t available in the Catalog.

It will take about 8 to 10 of us to get attention focused on them. I was working for IBM when they were under a Federal Investigation. If they could investigate IBM, they could investigate Amazon.



Follow LamontCranston Link. Doesn’t cost anything as it is your product that Amazon sold , so they do have your funds. BUT be patient , as they will be holding your funds according to the Credit Card terms which usually have a 6-12 month protection plan. So after 6-12 months, then do arbitration. Amazon will probably release your funds before that time as they want to make sure that the customer doesn’t file a Chargeback. If the funds are being held on certain orders, then when positive feedback or time allowed is met , then those funds will be available.


You’re not liable for Amazon’s arbitration expenses unless your claim is considered frivolous. Know that Amazon chose a certain arbitrator, as others that require binding arbitration, because it gives them an edge. Just make sure you review the TOS and list any/all violations before you lodge a complaint. Amazon may settle with you and refund arbitration fees if you present a clear, valid argument.

It’s become as difficult to deal with Amazon as AirBNB. I’ve been through it and was successful with AirBNB. I shall never book with them again. Unfortunately, there’s no reasonable alternative to Amazon. Not yet at least.


That’s only if you win.

First you have to find someone who will take the case. Then, they have to beat Amazon’s “army” of attorneys. If you loose, you owe them for all those expenses. Knowing them, they’ll take everything you own.



That’s not true. If the arbitrator doesn’t consider your claim frivolous, you’re not libel for Amazon’s arbitration costs. If you win, Amazon pays your arbitration fees.

Same rules applied with AirBNB, who we defeated in arbitration. We got all fees refunded and everything we disputed just after filing.

What is irksome is that Amazon and AirBNB push things to that point when Customer Service should be able to take care of the matter.

The days of economies of scale are over.


OP any updates on this? They are holding near 30 grand of my legit money hostage for selling adult items.


I just received notice that I’ll be fined $2,000 for not removing enough merchandise. The removal dated April 26 is still pending, and if Amazon had removed it, I’d be within their new IPI.

The arbitration process is convoluted, but at this point it’s worth pursuing.


Did you not understand storage fees?

You will not win


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Hey, self-proclaimed Amazon expert, post a link to Amazon Seller Central TOS.



Hey, how about you read what the FBA fees are

You are going to be out every penny on your attorney.

This isn’t TOS, it’s FBA fees smart guy


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Best of luck with you BS button and arbitration


Thanks, man!