FBA Over Refunding Customer by 3x original order value


Customer ordered a pair of boots via FBA for $69.97, Customer Service refunded the customer 100% of the order, plus an extra $133.28 for no valid reason. I believe this might be an agent refunding one of their friends accounts via a debit card or some other sort of fraud. We opened a case and got a bunch of lame explanations but we have no shoes, no money and 3x the order value given to a customer with no valid reason or business reason. Anyone ever see anything like this?


I had a similar experience recently. The extra $133.28 is likely an “Other concession” issued by Amazon to the customer. If you haven’t been automatically reimbursed for it after 30 days, then open a case and request the reimbursement. If you haven’t received the item or the $69.67 minus FBA fees after 45 days, then open a case and request the reimbursement for that, too.

As for an explanation for why this ridiculous amount was given to the customer, it seems most likely to be either incompetence on the part of Customer Support or perhaps something of a more fraudulent nature as you suggested. Either way, as long as you get your money back, it’s not worth the time and hassle to try to figure it out. Gotta pick your battles…


Yes, all of us.

If you download the details of the transaction, you’ll find they most likely gave the buyer a Customer concession. These are given to customer that complain a lot.

The customer has 45-days from the date of the refund to return your item to FBA. If they don’t, you should automatically be reimbursed for your boots and the Customer concession.

Emphasis on should.

Since not all reimbursements happen as the should, you’ll want to set up a process to track returns vs. refunds.



How can I track returns vs refunds?


When you will chat/talk/email SS regarding this issue, automatically a case will be created. Then you need to wait for a reasonable time to solve this issue by their internal team. Most probably, you will get your money refunded, which is the excess amount that has been taken from your account.




That’s not how the FBA policy works.



Thank you very much, Funky!


You’re welcome, and best wishes.



Happened to us today. Original sale was $12.73. Amazon refunded $74.90! Amazon will stonewall you. File a complaint with the Washington State Attorney General! We are going to.


I suggest you wait on that.

If you download your transactions, you’ll most likely find that this amount was a Customer concession. These are generally given to buyers that complain a lot.

They have 45-days from the date of the refund to return your item to FBA. If they don’t, you should automatically be reimbursed for it.



No, I’m not waiting. Amazon has no right to use my money to give a customer concession! If they want to give a concession, they need to use Jeff Bezo’s money!

We’ve had a similar situation happen before and Amazon did not automatically refund the money after 45-days. I wouldn’t rely on these buffoons to do anything automatically!


That’s why I published how to find those missing reimbursements.

It’s your choice to go after it now, but the chance of your being reimbursed at this point is somewhere between “slim and none.”

Your time would be better spent growing your business.



Actually, Amazon has ‘every right’. It was what you agreed to when relinquishing your customer service responsibilities to Amazon when choosing to utilize Amazon’s FBA services.

Over the years, we too have had this happen. Most of the time, within 45 days (as per FBA reimbursement policy – which you can read from the ‘help pages’ if you wish), that concession is credited back; paid for, as you put it with “Jeff Bezo’s money”.

As per the FBA reimbursement policy, if this concession is not credited to you automatically within 45 days, you open a case and Amazon will manually process the reimbursement.

The only true way to avoid these concessions and having to wait to be reimbursed is to fulfill your orders and provide your own customer service on them.


I don’t give a rat’s behind what amazon’s policies are. I’ll fight them every step of the way! Complaints filed with AG and BBB.


What was sold that amazon would give that kind of concession? I am sure this is in their TOS.


It’s so nice to see you here, @MAV-DAK.


So, Amazon decides to give the Customer a concession out of your pocket? Do they return the money to you for the concession as someone suggested, or no?



Or to put it another way, “I don’t give a rat’s behind what I agreed to when I signed the TOS”

And I bet you got Jeff shaking with that BBB stuff!


Ok. Your complaints will be nullified due to the legal document you digitally signed giving them the right to do what they did. Too bad, because the BBB and AG should be spending they valuable time helping those that are truly being wronged.

As pointed out by a few posters, you will get the money back per policy. If you do not care to follow these policies then you should stop using FBA services; otherwise, you will continue to get these from time to time. Sorry.