DHl Global mail (DHL ecommerce) shipping issues


We recently switched to shipping with DHL ecommerce and are not happy with their service. This is the service that goes to USPS for the “last mile”. Has anyone else used this DHL service for their shipping and if so, what is your experience? We are on the verge of going back to USPS because of the issues with delayed bags, entire bags of mail being “lost” for a week, and slow transfers between DHL and USPS.


As a buyer from a seller who used DHL ecommerce last week, it was a nightmare, it took a week to get an order from the same state!. I thought by ordering something from a buyer in our same state will save some time, but no, it took a full week, and not sure why, transfers to USPS, and even USPS then took 2 days… That was from a location that a usual USPS would take 1 day to deliver.


As a Shipper, I do not use this personally. However, I’ve bought a lot of electronic lab accessories (scope probes, cables, small test gear, hand tools, etc.) from eBay sellers and for the “free shipping” people offering these items, DHL eCommerce seems to be their carrier of choice.

A word: Sucky.

20 days from NJ to SoCak, with a 10 day tracking blackout.
15-16 days from the Austin area to SoCal;9 day blackout.
These are typical - over some 20+ shipping instances in the last 10 months or so.

If you plan to use this mode for Amazon Buyers, seven words: Run as far away as you can.


We use DHL for international orders only


I do.

But who picks up your packages??

I have NO issues what so ever.

Pay VERY low prices.

Specially international packages.

My pick up is firstmile.


Just no.

Used them for over a year, both domestic and international.

Yes, the pricing is good on international, hard to beat, and they collect duty. However, they are extremely bad when something goes missing, or you need answers. Typically you have to go through 3 people to find out. In the meantime, the customer just hangs.

Eventually we were talked into Japan. Nightmare. Everything got held up in customs, we were suspended, and everything sat there for months. We had sent them a list of what we sell 8 months prior. They responded by ending service with us. Domestically, ok, but again, things do get lost and you have no recourse. We had to take out UPIC insurance, which is it’s own special set of fun. They had the nerve to bill us for the shipments in Japan and we welcomed the legal action. Things get lost in their warehouse all the time.

Just don’t.


What a disaster, bought the DHL label directly on Amazon, they do not pickup and even worst when we attempted to drop it off we were informed that the drop off fee was going to be $ 5.00. A complete fraud.

I hope that a moderator is looking at this and knows how to get it to the right people.


Thanks for the information everyone. Definitely some ups and downs with them but no carrier is 100% perfect.


most of the time there great but there still on strike i believe causing some delays


We would not use their domestic service for the reason you stated. In addition, when we find out that a vendor uses that service, we will not use them for the same reason. The ordered item takes 2 weeks to arrive.


We use the DHL Globalmail service, and it has been horrible. We are based in Malaysia, so, for example, if we send a small order to a customer in Korea. The consignment goes to a hub in Selangor, near the capital, Kuala Lumpur. And from there, it goes to another hub in Singapore. And then, this is what I don’t understand. From Singapore the shipment is sent to Germany and then Korea. We recently sent two shipments to Korea on May 10, and they are still sitting in Germany. If I used Malaysia Postal service’s Flexi Pack or EMS, they would take around the same time.

Basically, DHL Globalmail service is nothing but a local postal (POS Malaysia, USPS etc) and disguised as a premium service. It is not.

From a seller’s stand point. It is not worth using the service if your reputation is on the line.

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