Can you advertise your website on your amazon listing?


just wondering


Wonder no more. You cannot.

In fact, you may not perform any activity that diverts the Amazon customer from the Amazon website.

BTW, the item listing itself belongs to Amazon (and is generally needs to be crafted so that other Sellers can make offers on that item as well).


No. You cannot provide any information about your business website on Amazon listings, packing slips or invoices to Amazon buyers.

Amazon deems any activity for which you are attempting to drive Amazon’s customers away from purchasing on Amazon as a violation of your Participation Agreement. This action, if Amazon was to be made aware of it, could result in your seller account being suspended.


Yet amazon keeps approving seller names like

Go figure.


You cannot even put marketing materials with your business info into shipping boxes that are going to the Amazon customers.


While you can’t advertise your website directly on your Amazon listing, you can advertise your website on Amazon and direct traffic there.


if it were allowed, everyone would be doing it.

Why do you want to do that? to drive traffic to your website?

There are a million ways to do that, Amazon customers will generally buy on Amazon even if they see the seller’s website, A lot of people like to deal with Amazon because of its policies.

A quick google search for the product will yield a number of websites where it can be purchased


Sneaker Freak;

Think about it.
When you create a listing, it belongs to Amazon and everyone who has that same product can use that page. If we both sold the same item, why would I want your website address attached to my products?
Also, why would Amazon want to see possible sales leave their venue and head to your website?

You can’t mention your website or promote your business within a detail page.

Edited to add:
Where are advertisement that can be purchased that would link to your website. You would have to research the advertisement fees, etc.

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That would be NO!


No and don’t do it. Your account will get suspended.


No … While it would be nice it is not allowed as it would be seen as driving traffic away from Amazon.


I am surprised Amazon even allows us to put our return address on a package, as that + google = how to find my store.

I predict in a few years or months Amazon will start requiring that non-FBA sellers use “Amazon Approved” “Green” packaging, sold by Amazon, and all orders will have to ship with Amazon Warehouse as a return address. Amazon will then charge a return processing fee to re-ship the return back to you… Unless it contains Hazmat, then it will be destroyed and the seller will pay a hazmat disposal fee. Assuming the item is not stolen by a warehouse slave or run over with a forklift.

The largest sellers of course will be able to negotiate an exemption.

I would say I’m kidding, but 20 years of dealing with Feebay and Amafeezon I know some Pointy Haired Boss and the trolls in accounting are considering this.


So if Amazon owns the listing why bug us when it is wrong? Perhaps if they own it they should be at least a bit more helpful in maintaining it. Why make us jump through hoops to fix it. I once called them to say that perhaps a real hunting knife should not be in toys. They would not fix it.


Some yes…use it in their logo like this one


No, but unless you aren’t planning to sell on Amazon anymore, there should be no incentive for you to direct your sales outward because if the transactions are made in Amazon, you will increase your feedback as well as product ranking, allowing you to gather momentum for more sales. If you sell through your personal site, you lose out on both and sure you get the sales, but you don’t build up anything on Amazon.


Have you read the seller agreement?

just wondering…






But can you Advertize your Amazon Seller Page on Your Site?


Absolutely not. It is against Amazon Policy.



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