Best way to follow up the buyers and get review


Hello Gurus? I am looking to the best way to follow up my buyers and get review. I know Amazon send default emails to all the buyers to leave reviews. And I can send emails to get reviews. But Amazon default email doesn’t look very sincere and it is a lot of work to send emails by myself. What are the strategies for the top sellers?


As a very frequent buyer - I don’t like the follow up emails asking for reviews and since amazon put in the policy about verified reviews some sellers are getting really pushy about reviews - I have had as many as six requests for review on ONE order, request for review on an order that was placed over a year before the email requesting review was sent, and my personal favorite poor choice of humor to request review. Lynne


My experience as a seller: If you sell good products and provide great customer service, the reviews will come. There are no shortcuts. Be patient.

My opinion as a buyer: I have never minded ONE follow up email asking for a review. Others here seem to feel differently. I guess the risk is yours.


If you send me an email request for a review, you won’t like my review




I would be careful with this. I hate getting these emails. I have the urge to say something mean but I fight it and just delete.

I buy a lot from Amazon, some days I place a few orders per day and each order has multiple items. Can you imagine how much email I get?

Only once I left feedback after that email and it was only because I had to email that seller for something and got amazing customer service. So when I saw their feedback link in one of their replies I figured I’d leave them 5 stars.

The other day I had a similar situation but in this case I didn’t like the way the seller replied. I thought it was not personable and took longer than I like.
I would’ve just moved on but then I got the automated email from him that was the first in the series of asking for feedback. I was really annoyed and was really close to sending him a pretty mean email.

My point is, if you insist on spamming your customers (and it is spam, they didn’t ask for or gave permission to be emailed with feedback requests) then make sure you give amazing customer service. Otherwise you’re risking some nasty surprises.

I wouldn’t have left this guy bad feedback, the worst he’d get from me would be an email but I’m sure many people do leave bad feedback in response to these.

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