Amazon's Prime Wardrobe


This has me a little nervous: Try first, pay later, 7 days return.

Can’t find much on the commitment side for sellers, is it enroll, FBA… This is going to complicate an already difficult issue for clothing sellers and excessive returns.

Amazon dropped the bomb on Clothing sellers...have you felt it?

I don’t have specific information, though we do know this is currently in Beta with Amazon. I would imagine, from an inventory control perspective, that right now only those offers filled by Amazon and sourced through Vendor Central are part of the immediate roll out. I would think it possible that at some point, FBA might be added. SFP or FBM definitely would not, as the items from potentially multiple vendors would have to out in a single shipment, and then there is the preprinted return label and resealable box for return. and the fact the return would have to be handled by Amazon itself (which is not the case with SFP or FBM).

It will be interesting to see how this rolls out.

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Can you imagine the amount of wardrobing, that is going to go on with this?!

And then, Amazon +reselling+ all the returns?

Amazon will have to open a new condition for clothing and shoes: “Wardrobed”.

This is going to be a scammer’s haven, as if Amazon doesn’t have enough already.

I certainly hope this is limited to +Amazon’s stock+ and they do not involve 3P sellers, in this mad scheme…


I predict INR madness.



So let’s get this straight…you get free shipping AND free returns on items that are never paid for?


I think this only makes sense if this program was going to replace the normal free returns on clothing items. Make people “commit” to more items to offset the shipping. I know many people (including myself) who order items off prime in singles…It has to kill Amazon to ship out 5 items in 5 boxes separately to one person for free instead of one big box, but then again Amazon never seemed to worry about profitability.


I know right, Leather brings up some good points on who the most likely targets are as I’m already up to my head in FBA returns as I am sure other clothing sellers are!


> Amazon will have to open a new condition for clothing and shoes: “Wardrobed”.


Imagine the item notes on those!


As a very frequent clothing buyer on amazon…
it is fabulous!!!
Instead of ordering one or 2 dresses at a time and returning them and reordering…
I can order a bunch and then decide.
Brilliant move!!!
As I speak to many women who refuse to order online from amazon due to sizing.
BUT…as a 3P seller…yuch.

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