Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Amazon has long offered a way to not have to pay these fees. Simply downgrade your account to “Individual”, and you will no longer have to pay the monthly service fees.

Since many FBM sellers are reporting record sales, there is no reason to compensate them. And for FBA, concessions have been made, even though sales are still happening. So if you feel that you are not getting your money’s worth for the monthly fee, simply downgrade. It’s your option; Amazon is not forcing you either way.


Not at all insane; since Amazon is overwhelmed with orders, customers can often get a product faster by ordering from a seller that ships themselves; so it makes sense to give the buy-box to a seller that can satisfy the customer in the quickest manner.
As for getting paid, it’s always been every two weeks (at least for most sellers). Amazon does not collect any money until the order is shipped; so until it is shipped, there is no money to give you.

If you find this unacceptable during this unprecedented time, feel free to complain to a bartender, waiter, Uber driver, or other person who has NO income for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, count your blessings that, while it may take longer, and be less than you’re used to, you’re still getting some level of income.


I haven’t seen an Amazon warehouse that wasn’t completely clean and state of the art.


Really? I didn’t realize individual plans can collect taxes now? So yes they are forcing me to pay…

Record sales?

  1. Do you know the difference between gross and net?
  2. That’s great for sellers in certain niche’s however remember your situation isn’t the same as everyone else’s, so don’t assume that all sellers can just convert over to MF and still operate.
  3. Also realize that Amazon gave sellers almost zero advanced notice of the change to be able to prepare for it even if it was feasible.

Stop being a sheep (use your head don’t believe the propaganda) and there is no need to be a cheerleader for Amazon… their pockets are plenty deep I assure you…


They are not essential in this crisis.

For the Camp Fire of 2018 where a large town burned to the ground (only a slight exaggeration) clothing was an essential.

But for this crisis, people already have clothing. A new shirt or new pair of pants are not emergency items. Besides, people aren’t even wearing pants now!


Frustrating that I had boxes prepped and ready to ship in and when I went to do it, I was not able to create the shipment so here the boxes sit as the previously sent inventory has sold out.
I wish there were some means to ask for an item to be considered for creating shipments. But I also realize that anyone going through such requests would be totally overwhelmed… So I’m basically sitting tight and selling what I can Merchant fulfilled.
I sell items that help people grow their own food. (And before I get jumped on saying it takes months to grow food, not so many of my farms crops have a planting to harvest time of less than 2 weeks and most of the others are around 2 months.) With this crisis likely to stretch into summer… helping people do things that will improve their health and self sufficiency seem pretty important to me even if it is just a small thing.
Deep Breath and try not to let the current situation keep you too stressed out all the time. Try to think of what you can do and make the most progress you can with what you have where you are.


I am a new seller, now negotiation with suppliers for my first product, before choosing the product I checked if it is under prioritizing products category or not by just creating a listing, doing the shipping plan and remove it when I make sure it is eligible for shipping to Amazon warehouse. Because of the product used for different purposes, it can be listed under different names, I just listing it under one of its name that is considered as the essential product, as many sellers use this title for their product in this category. Yesterday i got an email from one of Amazon Reps, he mentioned that my product is not essential, and it was shocking for me because when I create a listing and do the shipping plan I don’t get any error and nothing stops me from completing shipping my product to amazon, does anyone has an idea?


Unless you are in one of the few states that has a sales tax, but does not have a Marketplace Facilitator Law in place, taxes are the same for individual or pro. Even if you are in one of those states, you can still downgrade; you will just not be able to collect tax (but will still have to pay them to your state). If you are making such low sales, this amount will likely be lower than the $40 that you so desperately want Amazon to stop charging you.

Yep. Read the forums. Lot’s of people discussing strategies, usually putting their store on vacation for part of the day, just to handle the increased volume of sales.

Yes, I do. Do you know that this has no bearing whatsoever on the subject?

Exactly. That’s why I said that “many” sellers are seeing record volumes; I never stated that “all” or even “most” are in this situation. Personally, my sales are down considerably, but I’m still making money.
But since everyone is different, then it makes no sense for Amazon to make a “one-size-fits-all” type of move.

This is true. Of course, realize that we went from having NBA and NHL games to having all play stopped and the NCAA tournament canceled in less than 48 hours; things are moving fast, and there is no precedent to know just what will happen.

Perhaps you should stop “being a sheep”, and accusing anyone who disagrees with you of being a “cheerleader for Amazon”.

You asked for a solution, I gave you one. The fact that you feel that you just want stuff for free doesn’t mean that Amazon should give it to you.


While this is a pain, it’s actually a positive in this situation. Customers ordering from you will likely get their shipment far faster than if your items were in FBA and they were ordering from there.

The whole situation is lousy. Most of us selling on Amazon have to remember that we are actually the lucky ones, that we still have a business to run.


My item is just allow to send to fba center which to me is a great news as I have been waiting for weeks. But here the info told me that amazon is not going to ship item on time and change the expected date of receiving to prime customers to 30 April or …20 April, scare Away the customer to buy in amazon. Am I right ?

Now I am in in a dynamic to choose Fba or not ? Anyone can advise. I am currently doing by fbm , but the shipping fee is also high from china to us and the package waiting to fly for a week more. Not sure if Fba would increase sales same as before now


Can you explain how did you notice your item is now allow to send to fba?


I am a FBM and I am having record sales, to the point of having to close both my Amazon and eBay stores yesterday and today. Both are staying closed for now and I hope to reopen them tomorrow. What I mean by record sales, is going from 1-2 sales every hour or two to 100 orders in a span of an hour for two of my best selling items. At first, I raised the price. However, they were still flying off the shelves and then I ended up zero’ing out the quantities for those items. That was last Saturday and Sunday. I closed my eBay store and let my Amazon store stay open on Monday, and other items were selling very well. It was like Christmas-level busy on Monday too. I was forced to close my Amazon store late Monday because I am a one-person business and could barely manage hundreds of orders in a few days.


Yea, though my Amazon selling is really a new add on to my business (I’ve actually been a farmer for the past 5 or so years.) I guess I’m really lucky that I added it on when I did since the Farm is suffering a lack of income (not that we really had much there.) And doubly lucky since my self employed husband lost all his work and so far we don’t seem to be able to get any financial assistance for him so far (ouch since his business had been good enough to allow me to work from home as a farmer.)
AT LEAST we don’t starve though we will get really skinny eating only salad from the farm.


Does anyone know what is up with the Restock Report How is that supposed to work?
I’m curious to know what products might be allowed to restock but when I try to generate a report it simply gives me an error. I guess they don’t think any of my products are essential.


Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one.


lol… you’re wrong on SO many levels… for example on the tax issue, if THAT state is one that collects taxes from out of state sellers, does not have a MF law, and you have nexus, then you have to collect taxes (ex. Florida). No you cannot just downgrade because the individual plans don’t even allow you to run the reports you need to calculate taxes (for example each state has different rules on which portions are taxable and which are not). And if you are paying less than $40 in taxes, then you definitely don’t have any room to be commenting on here lol…

I apologize if the way it was written out wasn’t clear but it was intentionally mean to tie together (sales, gross vs. net, and the numbered bullets) Record SALES = gross… when you start taking out additional expenses incurred by FBM they are so profitable… and just like anyone else, I could have record sales on items all day long… but I choose to sell FBA due to the higher margins it commands. To compete FBM I would have to significantly lower prices which cut into margins.

Better question, when did I ask for a solution?


Be very careful. They can close your account. If you tell us the ASIN, better yet open a new discussion thread, many here could share their opinions.


You should check your Restock Inventory. Or just try to create shipment with the ASIN, if they can then they can. It changes everyday.


Not “complete” but “create”. As long as you can “create” the shipment plan, you’ll see the address.


Yeah, I’ve managed to lose a few pounds myself.

Of course, there’s a downside to eating more dried beans and whole grains when there is a TP shortage. :wink: