Store Lacks The Option For the Customer to Stay in the Store?


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As far as I can tell, the Amazon stores lack any option for a potential customer to stay within a store to continue shopping. This feature is obviously an important one on the largest competitor site to Amazon. Now correct me if what I wrote is wrong so I can see how its done but we have been telling our customers for our 4 years on Amazon that you have to backspace to keep adding from our store to their cart, i.e. not many customers are EVER going to do that, sigh.

We are in the sports card business and when we were a part of the “competitor” site, customers would add 5, 10, 15, sometimes even more different items to their carts and check out all at once, quickly and hassle free. Here on Amazon with our customers? Its ONE AND DONE…or worse, they buy over and over again one at a time and get charged shipping for each individual item…

Thanks for hearing my rant,
John thecardattic


Well, once a buyer adds a product to their cart, I would just click the ‘Sellers’ name next to the item in the cart to go back to their storefront and click the ‘Products’ tab to search through their inventory.

A buyer can go to a sellers storefront by clicking the sellers name link found on any product offering on a product page. Or you can provide your storefront link directly through marketing and social media.

I am a heavy buyer on both sites and do not find Amazon any more difficult to browse and continue adding a buyers item to my cart as long as I know how it works.


“As far as I can tell, the Amazon stores lack any option for a potential customer to stay within a store to continue shopping.”

And one might ask why they should. They have no vested interest in having a customer stay within your store. Indeed, they would probably prefer that customers browse through many stores, where they might find other items they are interested in.


> {quote:title=TheCardAtticbyJwhCards wrote:}As far as I can tell, the Amazon stores lack any option for a potential customer to stay within a store to continue shopping. This feature is obviously an important one on the largest competitor site to Amazon. {quote}

As a retail outlet, Amazon has no real competitors… if you are referring to eBay, each site appeals, it seems to me, to a different sort of consumer. Amazon “stores” / “storefronts” are more “seller profiles” than actual places to shop. (Note how feedback is the first thing that a buyer sees.) This is by design, I suspect, to increase competition. A website might be an option for you to consider.


Imagine if walmart were sorted by brand, not product.

What a mess that would be.

Amazon is well designed, with the consumer in mind.

Adjust to the platform. It is a privledge to be a seller on Amazon.

Improvise, adapt and overcome


Exactly. Customers want to ship “quick and easy.” They want to find the items they are seeking, and not be limited to one seller’s offerings. Amazon has no incentive to try to hide all the other sellers’ offers. They want sales, from whichever seller.

Any buyer who is that devoted to shopping a particular seller’s store can do it pretty easily as outlined above. I have browsed particular sellers’ products plenty of times as a buyer.



I appreciate the response but fully disagree, I use domain names to direct to my Amazon storefront and it has full functioning search abilities for just my own store, the problem is once a customer adds an item to the cart, they have to backspace multiple times just to get back to the store or re-enter my domain name to add a 2nd item. You are correct about Ebay, when a customer adds to a cart there, they are asked if they would like to continue shopping with the seller, simply click and they keep on shopping with the same seller. I would think based on larger volume cart sales Amazon would be interested in making more money or at least trying to compete in the sports card field with Ebay. Its such a huge market and Amazon has a larger total of all sellers inventory of sportscards compared to Ebay’s total yet they only garner a small portion of the sales that Ebay sportscard sellers are accustomed to.


See now that was helpful but it also means you figured it out, I have been a seller and buyer for 4 years on here and never figured that out and I am definitely computer savvy LOL

Now I just tested what you wrote on the COMC Amazon store which is by far the largest sportscard store in the world and what you wrote does not happen. I have added a pic of my account after adding an item to my cart from the seller COMC, I see nothing that remotely looks like a way for me to continue shopping with them


It takes me to COMC’s feedback page which then has another link back to their store, so that works but so convoluted for the fast paced society we are all in these days. Customers want to shop quick and easy


Click the ‘Cart’ button. This will show you the items in the cart and have a link to go back to the sellers storefront.


I did not say it was going to be easy and do think the other site is better at staying within a sellers storefront. However, I find this process very quick and easy after doing it this way for a long time.

The other solution would be to ask shoppers on your storefront, to right-click on a product offering and open in a new window. Then they can continue browsing the storefront. This is actually what I do on the other site anyway so explaining this as an option on Amazon would resemble what some sellers already do elsewhere.


The truth of the matter is that on Amazon there is only one storefront, and that is Amazon.

Your items are just another addition too Amazon’s catalog of offerings it it’s (Amazon’s) customers. The buyers here are not look upon as your buyers, they are Amazon’s buyers.

True, you have a “storefront” here but it is not meant to function as a place where buyers go to shop just from your offerings, Amazon wants buyers to shop from the entire offerings of all of Amazon, not just your “store”

It is one of the core differences between Amazon and other online sites, such as eBay, that, for some reason, people just can’t seem to understand.


“Imagine if walmart were sorted by brand, not product.”

Foyle’s used to do that with books and publishers. Yuck!

My local supermarket does that with their Passover foods: all the Leiber’s are together, then all the Manischewitz, and so on. When what you want to buy is the cheapest ketchup, it’s a real PITA.


If this is a hang-up for you then you really need to get your own website.

Some sellers on Amazon delude themselves into thinking that Amazon allows them to sell on Amazon to be nice to the seller. Amazon is allowing sellers to sell on Amazon to offer their customers a larger selection and better more competitive prices.

This is about what the customer wants, NOT the seller. Just be grateful for the sale you did get and stop being greedy and whiny.


I really miss the old layout, my sales seemed to be a lot better for items that weren’t in my top selling items section. Customers don’t know how to go to products and search through them, you will be surprised how many people are computer illiterate.


Amazon discontinued their webstores. Due to lack of demand.

“Storefronts” associated with Selling on Amazon accounts lack many features which a webstore would have.

Your are in the minority in your needs and expectations.

Most Amazon sellers use the site to reach Amazon buyers, not their own buyers.


Thank you everyone for the insight and helpful ideas and feedback, I appreciate it. Everyone had some very valid and valuable points :wink:

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