Seller fulfilled prime (any benefits?)


none of my issues are performance related






you must have 100% 2 day shipping on time delivery

30 or more 2 day shipping orders

its not easy


Amazon reached out to us about going to Seller Fulfilled Prime - I have a call with a rep later today to check out what costs are involved. She did e-mail back and tell me that you can limit it to certain regions. If you upgrade to the new Shipping Settings, which you eventually will need to regardless, you can limit it to regions or perhaps even states and partial states.

One other concern of mine is exactly which days count for business days for Prime. She said that you have to deliver all orders within two business days, and that does not include Saturdays or Sundays.


Just an update here. I’ve looked through the search results and have found that many people have had questions to SFP, but there aren’t many answers.

The rep that I spoke to the other day told me a few things.

The first thing that you need to do is upgrade to the new Shipping Settings, and you have to have the Premium 2-Day settings on to at least some extent. I am not sure if these settings are already available to all sellers, or if the Premium is just available to some. You then have to have 30 orders that were ordered with the 2-Day settings within a month, and the orders must have been delivered within that 2-Day window. Again, 2-Day does not include Saturdays or Sundays. It’s a Monday-Friday system.

You either need to apply for SFP, or Amazon will contact you.

I am not sure if the shipping settings change at all for SFP, but the Premium 2-Day settings allow you to choose which states and even which part of many states you want to allow your certain shipping settings. You can do this for your basic settings as well. It’s a pretty great system, and I’ve set our states that we deliver within two days to two day shipping.

Once approved for SFP, you have to purchase your shipping labels through Amazon. You can sync your UPS account through Amazon, and get your UPS discount if you have one. We use FedEx, so that was a bummer for us. You also have to ship to P.O. boxes - another bummer for us. You also have to offer Free Standard Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Prime return policies will apply. You have to have high performance ratings, as you can assume.

I’ve decided against switching to Prime at this time, with the main holdups being the P.O. boxes and that we cannot get our FedEx rates.


Great answer, thanks for sharing the knowledge !
We also use FedEx so we would have to decline this offer as well. If you learn anything else please share it with the community.

Thanks again.


oceantis that is incorrect there is a provision to do so by setting a shipping template that only offers 2-day shipping top regions that usps priority takes 1 day or 2-days


We received an offer to upgrade to Prime but there was literally no benefit for us as the costs associated with the “upgrade” did not make any sense.

Unlike Amazon I do not have a deal with shippers and get those huge discounts. What would cost me $12 might cost Amazon $2.

If Amazon would extend to me their discount I might considering offering Prime.


I am invited to join this new program and just got this message below.

Our new shipping settings allow you to offer Prime eligible ASINs by state! This gives you access to having a regional Prime badge and only pay for ground 2 day shipping rates.

It seems very interesting and hope it helps.


you can create a zone around you with states you can reach in 2 days cheap!
Create a new template and activate only the states you want



When asked, we ran our numbers. Even with our current UPS and FEDEX discounts and staying within the 2 day regions the shipping cost would go way up. It seems it would work if we sold only items around 3 Lbs but we range from 6 oz to 60 Lbs…

We can’t trust USPS for 2 day delivery for anything as all our mail is now trucked from here to another State for sorting adding at least a day or two in ship time.


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{quote:title=TO wrote:}

You either need to apply for SFP, or Amazon will contact you.

Howndonyou apply to SFP? Did you apply for it?


If it doesn’t exist then why did I get this letter?


Are you interested in exploring Amazon’s Seller Fulfilled Prime program? This service would allow you to make items of your choice eligible for Amazon Prime. By having your items Amazon Prime eligible we see sales lifts of 30-40% typically.

Your account is currently qualified for the program and kudos to you as not many Sellers qualify. If you are interested in learning more please let me know and I will arrange a time to chat.

Best regards,

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Just went through first weekend with Seller Fulfilled Prime program and the result is a loss of $1000 in earning due to 2-day shipping requirement.

here are the pro and con:

Pro: great product exposure, in my case an increase of sales of 50%.

Con: since Amazon wants to make sure that your items reach the buyers within the required 2 day shipping window. they will take any option out (such as USPS priority) if there is any chance that the order will not reach the destination on time.

For instance, we are in LA and there is a 2 lb package to Oregon. USPS Priority will get there in 2 days (but not guaranteed) for $8 but the cheapest option you have under Prime Shipping is USPS Express $25. The item I am selling is $24 thus I lost money in this transaction.

Seller Fulfilled Prime would be best fit for sellers who has small, light and high priced items.

I have learned my lesson the hard way. But it is not Amazon’s fault, it is just my products are not suitable for Seller Fulfilled Prime Program.


If there is an option to select which items can be offered in sfp, I would definitely consider joining.


Hi Dreamsweet Bedding Products ,
Thanks for sharing your experience.
I’m curious if you receive any additional shipping discounts from Amazon after you are enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime? Or, do you receive the same rates as any seller purchasing Amazon Shipping?



you might want to check this one out brother … there is actually a program like that mostly invite by amazon or invite to apply …

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