Product Description 2000 Character Limit and Pictures


I am new and confused. On Amazon listing, it stated that you can only use 2000 characters for your product description.

I saw a listing today, and the product description is way over 2000 characters. Here is the listing.

Can someone explain why this listing has over 2000 characters?

I also notice pictures on some product descriptions. How do I add pictures on my description?


I also located another listing that has a giant picture in the description. The listing is not run by Amazon.



The example is an Amazon listing. Amazon created that listing and the rules apply to 3rd party sellers not Amazon.


You the seller is referred to as the 3rd Party Seller. You are not Amazon, you are the 3rd party selling on Amazon website selling to Amazon customers.

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What do you mean by third party seller?


That one you should report to Amazon because it has many problems that need to be addressed but it could be that they have a contract with Amazon to do this which I doubt. Report this to Amazon. They are not permitted to have images in the product description either.

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