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Recently I set up my first PPC campaign. I understand the daily budget but I am not understanding how the default bid works. I assume I am bidding against other sellers for a position on page where my product will appear for a potential click. Example if I have a default bid of .50 and another seller has a default bid of .75, that other seller will get a better position on page. Is this how it works? What am I bidding for? Also, when seller’s set up PPC campaigns how do they decide what their default rate would be?

I keep asking this question is various groups but I can’t get a clear explanation of how the default bid option works. Or, maybe I’m just too slow to get it. Anyone care to help me?


I activated a listing about a week ago. When doing a buyer search for that type of item using the keyword phrases I had in my listing set-up, the item was appearing on page 4 or 5. Started PPC two days ago. Today, when doing a buyer search using keyword phrases the item is not appearing on any of the pages. Doesn’t it have to appear on some page, even if its the very last item? Where am I going wrong?

Also, in checking my PPC ad I got a message saying the ad did not qualify for impressions because it is not in buy box. I know the item isn’t automatically eligible for buy box because I’m not FBA (will be after Dec 19th) and given I is a new item it doesn’t meet metrics of sales, reviews, etc. Kind of a “Catch 22”?


You can only do ads for products that are in the buy box.

If your product is not in the buy box it’s not eligible.

As for cpc

You should run a test campaign with a low daily budget say $10 for 10 days

Make your default bid high like $5

You won’t pay $5 a click but you will win ad placement over most if not all competitors and this will allow you to see how your products perform.

For most of our media products we bid $0.15 and the actual cpc is $0.05

We get around 6,000,000 impressions per month and about 200,000 clicks resulting in sales increase of about $10,000 per month prior to doing cpc.

Some products we have a default bid of $1 and the average cpc is about $0.65 but these products have high prices.

Make sure you organize and monitor your campaigns so you don’t overspend on low margin products. One product could destroy your budget if it gets too much traffic and doesn’t convert.

We advertise right now 1800 different skus and only had this problem on 5


Well I’m not in buy box. Doing MF so don’t have automatic FBA buy box eligibility. Haven’t had any sales or reviews yet for obviously have not met metrics. With regard to ads: I am running a PPC campaign. That doesn’t constitute an ad does it? Daily budget $5 Default bid $1. Pretty meager huh? Understand tis is my first product and only asking $12.99. Very small time seller. Nothing like what you’re doing.

I’ve heard that I don’t qualify for impressions because I’m not in the buy box? So there’s no purpose in my doing a PPC campaign?

Think I should just do money off promotion. That’s not an ad right? Sorry, I don’t know all of the terminology yet. Your help is much appreciated.


Doing a promo wouldn’t help much as it would only be seen if someone finds your products. You need to try some outside marketing using facebook, twitter, etc.


Suggesting I do a Facebook ad?

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