My canadian bank account wont allow ACH payments?


Hello, I been trying to get a Canadian bank account to link it to my Canada seller account , We have a Canadian company but are receiving the funds in the US account. We had one account in the RBC bank and one in the TD bank , both account could not get payments from amazon. Can someone tell me which bank are they using IN CANADA that you are getting payments from AMAZON CANADA?



No, you can NEVER do ACH transactions with a Canadian bank. Canadian banks only use EFT.

You can use Amazon’s currency conversion service to change the USD to CAD and deposit into a CAD account at a Canadian bank (and pay a 3% fee on top of the exchange rate).

If you need USD, you need to open an account with a US bank. The easier, but more expensive option is to open an account with RBC Bank USA. TD also has TD Bank North. HSBC also has US banks. There are fees to collect your business and identity documents at a Canadian branch and then forward to the US branch for verification and approval.

RBC allows you to transfer funds between your USD accounts from RBC Canada and RBC USA, when you need to without a wire transfer.



OK , So if we get an account in TD bank or RBC bank… AMAZON CA should be able to transfer funds to the bank account in TD AND RBC?, I just find it very hard that amazon CA will not transfer into the Canada bank account … We have US account and a business here in the USA but want the Canadian business not to be linked to the USA business, according to Amazon Seller central CA we should be able to get paid for our account in Canada… is this not correct?


All Canadian banks can do EFT transfers. That’s what the system is using. You can’t do ACH transfers to a Canadian bank account.

You should contact your bank and make sure you have an account that is set up for EFT transfers. You should also ask them for the routing number you need to use. It may not be the same as on your cheques.


We use Barclays Bank, but HSBC or UBS can do the same. We have dollar accounts, Pound accounts and Euro accounts. We can easily accept payments in any of the three currencies, and simply transfer the funds back and forth from any location in the world.


I am not sure if you understood my message or your message was not clear enough to me.

Amazon will transfer to a Canadian bank account in Canadian dollars, but not a USD Canadian bank account. That is pretty straight forward. If you want to transfer the funds yourself from the CAD to a USD, you can set that up with your bank. There will be a 2-3% fee associated with that transfer.

RBC Canada and TD Canada can not accept ACH transactions in USD - only EFT transaction in CAD.

Forget about the fact you have a USD account with the Canadian bank. This will not help.

Hopefully that makes more sense for you.




Amazon.CA will pay in CANADIAN dollars to any regular Canadian bank account. Any Canadian based bank will do (provided it’s CA$ account).


Do make sure that you do not have amazon set up to convert to US$ before making the deposit. If it does that, amazon will use the American Clearing House (ACH) to make the transfer. Which won’t work for most Canadian bank accounts (even those that are US$)


My Canadian Bank account cant Cant receive payments
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