How to ship multiple cartons of a one item order on Amazon?


I have a situation where I have sold a 20 volume set of books. I am going to ship it in two different boxes, but the order shows as just one item. Therefore I can’t reduce the number of items shipped and create another shipment. Has anyone ever created a multi carton shipment of a one item order, and created the second label on Amazon shipping? If so How did you do it.? Thanks

How to ship multiple packages on the same order through Amazon Buy Shipping

You will not be able to purchase a second label on the order through Amazon’s shipping API since there is a single unit sold. Only when multiple units are present can you do that.

You will have to use a 3rd party shipping service to purchase the second label, or purchase it at the retail counter with the carrier.

Make sure you email the buyer letting them know to expect 2 packages as Amazon will only reflect the tracking on the one package. Provide them both tracking numbers in your email to them.


In addition … Amazons system is only set to allow for 1 recorded tracking number per item.

  • An order with multiple items can have multiple tracking numbers
  • An order with 1 item, even though in this case it’s a set of 20, can only have 1 tracking number
    Also after you get the addition number and email the buyer I suggest you paste it into the Seller Notes section of the order in Seller Central and click the save button so it’s recorded where you can find it …


If a customer places two separate orders, for the same item and both items are shipping to the same address, can I ship the items together and use the same tracking number for both orders?


You could, but you are taking a chance doing that. While some customers may be happy that they can save that bit of $ for the shipping others may look at it as an easy way to scam.

With (2) different tracking numbers you are verifying that (2) orders went out, which is what Amazon looks at. With only (1) tracking number you wouldn’t have proof that you sent both orders in case a customer wanted to scam you in any way.

Good luck!

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