"Fix stranded Inventory" What is this?


Just noticed an option in seller central that says fix stranded inventory, and when I click it there is 3 different games there (I sell video games). 2 of the games say inactive/out of stock of those 2 one of them says unfulfillable and the other says active. The third item says incomplete but says one is active. When I search the sku in my listings for the third item it cannot be found? and for the Item that is inactive and says one available when I search that it says I have 0 in inventory under my inventory? I have no clue what this means, I’m a little new to FBA so not sure if they disposed of my games? Of course the games that are listed are some of the more high value games I have. Please enlighten me on what this is and how to fix it if there is anything to fix, thanks! :slight_smile:


ok great I’ll give that a try, never even heard of stranded inventory before haha so I’ll see how that goes, thanks so much! :slight_smile:


There can be different reasons items become inactive and stranded.

If the listing is still there, just do a minor update (price, title, etc.) to see if it become active again.

If not, use the Inventory Loader upload with the SKU, ASIN, and Price.

Failing that, create a case with Seller Support and advise what you tried and they can work on it at their end. Might take a day or two.



“Fix Stranded Inventory” means that there is something in your ad description that FBA’s computer doesn’t like. You need to click on that item in that Que and you will see that it probably is in the item description or where you place the item in a category. The problem will be highlighted. Sometimes it will not make sense to you but it is what it is. The other problem might be that you sent something in and maybe the tag fell off. In that case you will have to call FBA for help. That happened to me. You should check this Que every few days because even if you think you listed right it may take Amazon a few weeks to knock something out. Amazon will close the listing until you fix it correctly. This whole FBA thing is a new thought process and it will take you time to get the idea. Also watch the Que for " Remove Unfulfillable Inventory" too. Don’t let FBA destroy your item! Set it up so that they send it back to you. I found that when I got something back it was very re-sellable. It just needed a new package. These are often “returns” that someone broke out of a package. Hope this helps.


Fix Stranded Inventory



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