Dropshipping Amazon to Amazon


Is this against the Terms and Conditions? I havent been able to find much information about whether or not amazon allows this. To further Explain, is it allowed for a seller to sell and purchase the same items continuously on the same account and both on Amazon?

Let me know if I need to explain further.


They love it. Double the commissions.


Let me be more specific… I am talking about listing a product as the highest price. When it sells, I would buy it from the lowest priced seller and have them ship it directly to my customer and collect the difference.


Oh the classic, there’s a sucker born every minute approach used by anybook or International Books.

You won’t break any rules until the customers kill your ODR after they get a priced packing slip form an SP merchant, or when they request a refund on the order number on Amazon’s packing slip.

It works for the previously mentioned sellers because they have a large volume of books in inventory, and get enough sales on them to keep their metrics high


It’s allowed. Dropshippers here do it all the time.

Buyers might even buy from you, if you have a better seller rating, or offer extras like free shipping upgrades, international, etc.

Your risk is if the item gets shipped late or is misgraded or is no-longer there when you go to order it.

You are welcome to re-list all of my listings at higher prices. That is not sarcasm. I would welcome more sales, and I do ship everything by FC or Priority, ship on-time, and grade conservatively. I also honor requests to leave-out the packing slip.


If you don’t use Prime shipping …


The mechanics seem at best awkward.

If you are talking about buying on Amazon through FBA and sending the goods to FBA, I’d assume the restrictions on the use of Prime for resale, and issues with other seller’s labels on the merchandise might create issues.

If you are talking about buying from Amazon, you would lack labels for your merchandise, so you could only sell merchandise which can be co-mingled, and selling co-mingled is exceptionally high risk.

Find another marginal scheme.


you’re not supposed to use Prime shipping for more than a few other addresses (i.e. sending gifts to your family members, or a separate address). If you do use prime, you’ll probably get away with it for a while, but will eventually get shut down.

In an emergency situation, where you do it very rarely, you’ll probably get away with it.

If it’s your business model, you would be shut down (eventually).

If you are not going to use prime, then as far as I know, you are allowed to do it, but it isn’t a great idea (why would someone buy from you, if they can buy from Amazon?)


There might be big time problems in doing that. The lowest priced seller is not always the most dependable seller. If they do not send the product, the product is not as described, they ship late. all of these go into your metrics and if they surmount it could mean being suspended. Drop shipping is a dangerous business unless you are certain you are purchasing from a reliable source. You, not the party you order from, are totally responsible for the order and any problems with the order become your problems.


He’ll learn… go for it dude…

-Scott B.


No. Amazon collects the difference. You will get some leftover of the difference.

With your feedback it is not going to be too easy but feel free to try it.

Just do not use Prime like the others said because Amazon will connect the dots.


Good luck with that.


That’s quite an understatement there.


There’s nothing wrong with the plan, except that I still fail to see why someone would buy from you over another seller (especially if the other seller is amazon), if you price high enough to account for the fees that you would have to pay Amazon.

If both are marketplace sellers, Amazon gets their fees twice, so of course Amazon doesn’t care.

There are other caveats that other posters have mentioned as well (trusting your source, etc.)


Maybe it is so HOT that Dry Ice need to be used for Shipping.


And the reason the buyer would buy from you over the lower priced seller is…? And if the other seller is out of stock, the seller who’s feedback takes the hit is…?


Not to mention his other charming practices, like a card game set listed for $9.99 with a $40 shipping tag (no, that is NOT a typo).


I’m sure the other drop shippers will love another entry in their “sphere”. I noticed a scheme lately where one drop shipper doesn’t even bother to analyze the amazon catalog and book sources to drop ship from, they simply copy the any_book prices and go a little lower… that must drive them nuts :slight_smile:


There is a relatively new Grandma who prices even higher than any - and I am not talking about a hopeful, optimistic newbie here who happens to have that relatively rare book and hopes that some day soon he gets almost as much as any for it, or perhaps even more if he is polite, does not want to lowball and is willing to stand in line. This is one shrewd Granny. Perhaps she distributes her Business card on Sundays and traps her friends in her storefront LOL!

She even has the word “Grandma” in her storefront name to sound more trustworthy.

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