Changes to Unplanned Service Fees


Changes to Unplanned Service Fees

When you follow Fulfillment by Amazon’s shipping guidelines and ensure that your suppliers and carriers also follow them, it enables efficient and accurate unloading, receipt, and storage of inventory at the fulfillment center.

When there are problems receiving inventory, we may perform unplanned services to accurately process products, at your cost.

Amazon will soon begin charging fees for an additional six safety-related unplanned services.

Starting November 29, 2018—before we begin to charge these new fees—we are providing a fee preview mode so you can see specific shipment issues and the new unplanned service fees that may apply in the future.

We will notify you at least one month before Amazon starts charging these fees

To access the unplanned service fee preview, go to your Shipping Queue or to the Inbound Performance report.

For more information, see Inbound performance summary and Unplanned services.

This will be lots of fun. We ship small parcel all the time and Amazon regularly miscounts these. Should be fun when sellers get suspended for inaccurate box counts when Amazon employees cannot count these properly.


Not surprising that Amazon will punish sellers who cause extra effort.

It is likely that bigger sellers who ship case pack merchandise will fare better than those who ship mixed cartons.


Wish I could punish Amazon for causing me extra effort.

For example, when they apply a wrong label to my ALREADY LABELLED item.


Amazon routinely miscounts our merchandise.

So I can see us getting blamed for counts being off and I know it is because their people do not check it in properly.


A lot of companies miscount the contents of mixed cartons.

Been in a lot of warehouses, when I was young I worked for a company that did computer systems for distribution. Some banned all purchases in less than case quantities because they were too prone to error.

Someone has to pay for labor. Amazon’s robots cannot do all which is needed.

This is a battle over who pays for the labor (it will be you and other FBA sellers) and how much you pay.


Amazon cannot ban less than case because of the IPI system.

We will find out next year.

You cannot ship toys in assorted cases here. Not everything sells at the same rate.


More incentive for me stay away from FBA.


With all the threads from sellers who made mistakes in FBA shipping and who mix sku’s in the same box, it seems about time Amazon makes them pay for their mistakes. :train2:


Which does not mean you cannot be discouraged in other ways.

There are many issues where I have suggested that Amazon has an ideal model of a seller, and the further you and your merchandise are from their model, the harder it is to sell on Amazon and make a profit.

I began in the computer industry at a time when computers were expensive, and software for major corporations was customized to fit the business.

We live in a world where computers are cheap, and corporations structure their operations to fit relatively cheap packaged software.

Amazon has made it all the more the case where companies build their business plan to fit Amazon’s systems.

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