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We understand that amazon doesn’t want us to erase entire shipments after they are generated. This is something we have adhered to from the beginning. Being able to erase entire lines, and adjusting qtys per case pack without decreasing the total number of units sent on individual shipments is paramount to us. Is there a possibility that this will be implemented into STA workflow in the future? thanks for you feedback!


Hi @Shelf_Cleaning_Capit, The Product team appreciates your feedback based on your business processes. I will take this back to the product team so that they can work on bettering your experience using the workflow.



Hi @Present_Paper, Thank you for listing the features that directly impact your business processes. We are continuously working on the feedback you listed here in efforts to enhance your experience using the Send to Amazon workflow.

Keep an eye out for feature updates coming soon!


As I said above, up until a few years ago, the old system was often giving me multiple destinations; sometimes 3 time zones away. If this is the issue, it doesn’t require a new system that makes many other parts of the process needlessly difficult.


It would really be helpful if active workflows were displayed as a table on a full page, like the current system. The popup window really stinks when trying to toggle between multiple workflows. Also, PLEASE allow us to name the workflows. If we have multiple workflows with the same number of units, we have to click and open each one to find the one we need.


I am a small seller. I send 1 BOX shipments of several ASINs - used books. I never send anything else. It has always been a problem when my 1 BOX shipment has been split. I have no intention of sending 1 item to a separate fulfillment center at a much greater per unit cost. In Send to Amazon, I finally figured out how to delete the 1 item so I can replace it with an items that will be accepted to my 1 BOX. So, that problem is rectified. I still hate Send to Amazon and will continue to use the old system until I am forced to change.

  • I have noticed in Send to Amazon that my 1 BOX is more often sent to a fulfillment center that is much further away and thus costs more to ship. I have had my shipments directed to the same Henderson NV facility almost exclusively for the last 2 years or more. I fail to see how sending my 1 BOX across the country can help Amazon. In both cases the books will be sorted and sent to other centers. It just costs me extra.

  • I have always wished that shipments of 1 BOX were immune to splitting into more than one shipment - especially when it is items like used books and/or media and especially when the box is under a certain weight (say 35 lbs) and a certain item count (say 30 individual items).


I cannot stress how bad this new system is.

It is silly to have to have the dimensions of every different box for an LTL. That is an unreasonable amount of work.


Your stuff is being split because you are a small seller selling one-off items.


First of all, for at least the last three years or so, splitting has been less common.

But saying “because you’re a small seller” is actually a good reason NOT to split the shipment. It makes sense (for Amazon) if you have 30 units of an item to have you send 15 to one FC and the other 15 across the country. For a single book, it matters little where it goes.
Furthermore, you end up with absurdities like a $20 book (which will net about $12-14) being split off into a shipment by itself to send across country, at a cost of $10 or more.


The invitation to join the seller council seems to have disappeared.


Thank you.
But the STA still has a lots issues…
It is not nice if we have lots SKUs, it is no good at all.


Hello, the goods I sent to Amazon’s FTW1 warehouse have been successfully delivered 60 days ago, but so far my goods have nowhere to go. I have opened multiple cases but no one has helped me investigate. can you help me? please.
You can view case ID 10679179431. Some cases have been opened for more than 30 days without any response.



I know everyone is likely preoccupied with preparing for the busy season, but I just wanted to remind the Amazon team that the new ‘Send To Amazon’ page is still junk and virtually none of the crucial problems have yet been addressed.

I just don’t want the recent silence in these threads to give the Amazon team the impression that anything has been resolved. This is still a disaster and at the very least the deadline needs to be pushed until AFTER the holiday season, so that everyone has time to get their sales in. Then we can worry about transitioning to this new system during the off season. I believe that is a fair compromise. I’d like to remind that we are in the middle of a crippling economic recession, and many sellers as it is are having a hard time keeping head-above-water.

However small this % of affected sellers may be, it is still unjust. I understand that for many, this new system works, but we deal in large individual SKU numbers and the cold season is our bread & butter; we do not have time to completely overhaul our logistics before the holiday season. This is projected to cut our sales by about 40-50% this quarter. Amazon will be losing revenue on their end as well since they wont be able to collect fees from us.

If anyone else is still facing these issues as well, I ask that you speak up alongside me. Amazon will interpret our silence as complacency.

Best Regards


Totally agree. The thing is a train wreck. Right now I literally can convert an item to FBA and add it to a new or existing shipment in about 3 clicks. With the new system, I don’t even know, I gave up trying to use it entirely because it’s lacking so many basic features. It’s non-intuitive, it’s slow, there is absolutely no flow to it, there is no natural progression for the user, lots of the UI elements aren’t even labeled.

So yes, AT LEAST delay it until after 4th quarter, but even then I don’t want to use it. They’ve taken a VERY SIMPLE process and turned it into calculus III.


I counted when I created a shipment recently with the old system. Once I selected my books and converted to Amazon (a process that appears will be the same, so no reason to measure), from the point that I selected the old system, it took me 8 mouse clicks, two scrolls to the bottom of the page, and one keystroke, to complete the entire process.
When I tried the STA process (granted, a while back), I calculated that a typical shipment would require over 200 mouse clicks and 30 keystrokes, just for the first page. I can literally create an entire shipment in the old process with less effort than adding one single item to the new one.
I’m sure there are some improvements that have been made since I tried it; and I’m sure that once I figure it out, it won’t be quite as bad. But it’s hard to imagine it ever being as easy for booksellers or others who do not have multiple items or replenishment shipments as the old system. If we can’t keep the old, easy to use, nothing wrong with it, system, then at least let us get through the holidays before having to spend many hours learning how to make the new system work for us.


…maybe this is one of the major issues.
You have to jump to the freezing water and try.
For sellers that sell only one item of each sku, this maybe little bit challenging.
For sellers that ship multi quantities of same sku, it’s easier and the system remembers all the settings for future shipments of same items…
The way to figure it out is to study/use only the excel/manifest file.
Try to duplicate one of your previous shipments using the manifest file, and see if it’s faster…
Don’t forget to delete this sample shipment before confirming.


Exactly. I have used it 3-4 times to make sure I could use it. I can. I just hate it.

For used booksellers, we never have the same shipment twice. It’s always one copy of one book - different books in every shipment. Send to Amazon is just much more work for us and always will be. I will not switch to it until I am forced to.


An important aspect of this is that not only do we have to create every listing, we don’t know until we start packing how many and which books will fit into a box. Very common to pack a box, have a few left over, and realize that if I take out one, I can put in two that better use the space, etc. Old system is quite easy to then take out the ones that didn’t fit; new system looks like it will not be quite as easy.


It’s easy to remove items and add other ones with the manifest file.


At what point? After you’ve packed the box?

I’ll admit, I never took it past the point of wanting me to tell everything that would go in the box before I started.