A cry for HELP, and a WARNING to all sellers!


Competitors can now attack and edit Canadian brand registered product listings causing them to be restricted under Amazon’s PCRP policy, IN THE US MARKETPLACE!

A very troubling type of competitor attack on our product listings took place recently on 15-Oct-2020. This exact same thing has just started to happen to other sellers as evidenced by their posts on a seller Facebook group we follow.
We manufacture our own products and have our own brand registered with Amazon Brand Registry 2.0.At the moment we sell only in the US marketplace and not in Canada.
Somehow, someone managed to change the bullet points, description, search terms and ingredients for 6 of our ASINs in the Canadian marketplace and inserted a long list of illegal drugs and pesticide keywords. This resulted in all 6 ASINs inventory stranded and listings being restricted under Amazon’s PCRP policy, IN THE US MARKETPLACE!
We have tried solving this ourselves, by removing the maliciously inserted keywords from our Canadian product listings using an inventory file upload, but it did not work. The upload would go through successfully but the information on the listings would not change regardless of what option I would choose for the “Update/PartialUpdate” field.
We then opened a case through our Amazon Brand Registry account reporting what happened, how we tried to correct the listing and asking for Amazon’s help to edit the listings. Their response came back in typical Amazon Seller Support fashion: stating the obvious that our 6 ASINs are PCRP restricted, and copy/paste information from their help files instructing us on how to edit the listings ourselves by inventory file upload method.:man_facepalming:

Has anyone gone through this before, and what can be done?

I feel like Amazon has failed us on every level so far:
What good is to be registered in this Amazon Brand Registry program if product listings under our own registered brand can be changed at anytime by anyone!?
What good is to be registered in this Amazon Brand Registry program if we cannot make changes to the product listings under our own registered brand!?
What good is to be registered in this Amazon Brand Registry program if we cannot get help from support to edit the listings under our own registered brand!?
What good is for a company like Amazon to hire support agents that can ONLY parrot back information which can easily be found in the help section, and refuse to use a single brain cell towards solving the ACTUAL issue reported in our cases!?


This happened to us on Thursday as well - your post was the tip I needed to check the Amazon.ca marketplace.

I haven’t yet succeeded in getting my product reinstated, and have been getting the same canned responses you have. :roll_eyes: Amazon clearly has a fairly serious systemic problem judging from the number of sellers reporting the same thing on the forums this week.

Keyword Sabotage
What is coca leaves policy 152606

Based on forum posts this sabotage technique has become a big problem over the past few months, and not just for .ca accounts. Yet apparently it is another issue for sellers Amazon doesn’t think important enough to fix.

  1. Amazon tracks everything that is done on their site – they have to know who is doing this.
  2. The sabotage is so heavy-handed it would be simple to write a bot to screen it out.


Hi @Alexandra85,

Snow here with Amazon to assist.

From your post, I understand you received warnings on a few of your listings, but have concerns because this is a self-manufactured product and you have your brand registered with the Amazon Brand registry.

I understand this experience can be frustrating and if you believe your ASINs have been targeted, you may notify us through the Report a Violation tool.

To get further support on the affected ASINs, you may contact the Brand Registry support team by clicking here

Additionally, as a Brand-registered seller, you are required to use the inventory file template to upload and update listings on the Amazon platform. You may refer to this page to review general guidelines for choosing the best type of inventory file for your situation.

I hope this information helps you understand what your next steps are. Also, if you need further assistance please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread; the forums community and I would be happy to assist.


Snow (雪诺)


@Snow_Amazon_old, this is a widespread sabotage issue that @SEAmod is currently investigating:

@Alexandra85 has posted to that thread, too.

I encourage any other Sellers who suspect that they might also be victims to read my post here and then post into that thread if their issue is the same.


Well, I don’t know why or how, but our two listings are back on Amazon. Only took a month.

I'd Like to personally congratulate whoever it was that got my listing and 100s others in the toy category taken down

Congratulations, @JustYippy ! I have mostly continued to post on the thread (Keyword Sabotage) you originally created as it gained more traction and since the situation we have found ourselves in is identical.

Just to keep this thread updated as well, we are still in the same spot…almost.
Our latest opened case (ID7526619251) is still in “Pending Amazon Action” since 23-Oct.

Your case is currently being reviewed by one of our internal teams. We will let you know the outcome after the review process is complete.

Out of desperation, we consider this to be a good sign , since all of our previous cases on this matter were answered in less than 24 hours with the same type of cop/paste reply of how to change the listings ourselves:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:
There is one interesting thing that happened a few days ago. 1 of the 6 ASINs that was originally restricted on 15-Oct-2020 became active again, despite the fact that in .CA marketplace is still suspended and still has the bogus keywords listed in the backend.
So we are now down to 5 ASINs that are still restricted in the US marketplace.


I am having the exact same problem.
A false listing must have been created in Canada and I cant even locate it because it doesn’t show up and I" not even active in Canada.


Our issue has been resolved with Amazon’s help
I have posted an update regarding this post on another thread detailing the same exact type of listing sabotage that gained more attention: Keyword Sabotage

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