Will form 1099 be reported to Child Support Services


I am currently paying child support via my corporate employer. For anyone currently paying child support, when I file my taxes at the end of the year with the form 1099 provided by amazon, will child support services be informed of this and will I end up having to back pay on my amazon earnings?


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Child support services is watching your income taxes…1099 is part of your income taxes…thus child support will see your 1099.

You made em…you pay for em.


Ask your lawyer

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I should entirely hope so. It’s reported to the IRS, so I have no doubt they share.


As long as your EX doesn’t have them look into your finances or she decides she wants more money, it probably won’t ever come up. The court is pretty pathetic at keeping track of these things.


You need to meet certain requirements in order to be issued a 1099. You can find these here.http://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=200663310.

If a 1099 is issued they will be notified as others have said.


I’m not sure if I misunderstood what he means. If you owe back support and they yank your income every years then yes this would count too. If its about raising your child support, the court won’t notice unless your ex brings it up.


Yes. The courts will be notified by the IRS about your income. Child support ordered thru the court will be able to access your tax return! Best advice is be honest. If they find out your not your life could become difficult. Pay your support the way you should. There is nothing more important in life than integrity!! This way you won’t be looking over your shoulder wondering what could happen. Good luck.


You all need to not be so mean. He did not say he was avoiding it, he stated he pays it. Now for his question, did any of you even stop for a minute and think maybe he is trying to plan and not avoid?

Shame on all of you for attacking a simple question. You are not living his life, paying his bills or even know the circumstances of his life. Stop assuming he is a deadbeat.

There are deadbeat moms out there as well, it does go both ways. How about just answering the question with constructive answers instead of attacking.


if your income goes up so can your support payment


The 1099 is reported to the IRS so it can be found. But if you make enough here to even get one, you can afford it.


If you are going to cheat on taxes or child support, it is always a good idea to post online that you intend to do so.


Except for the fact that in his OP he’s admitted that his paycheck is being garnished for child-support–your paycheck wouldn’t be garnished if you weren’t a deadbeat.

And his current support payment is based on his current employment income–it sounds like the OP was trying to hide additional income so his child support payments don’t increase.

If you come to a public discussion board and ask a question like the OP, you can’t be expect to be treated with kid gloves.


Hi, just to clarify

The federal Family Support Act requires all states to have an automatic income withholding program that seizes part of a parent’s wages to pay child support orders that were made or modified on or after January 1, 1994. For pre-1994 child support orders, the court may order income withholding if the custodial parent goes back to court to complain that you are in arrears.

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What is Form 1099-K?

+Currently Form 1099-K income is not entered separately as an income form, but gets reported along with other similar income:+

+If your Form 1099-K is for self-employment or business on a Schedule C, enter the income along with your other business income.+

+This form reports earnings information to individuals and businesses to be included on their tax returns. The IRS is establishing a compliance program using the data they collect with this form.+

So, since the IRS hasn’t yet figured out how to use 1099-K forms, what are the chances the OP will file honestly?



If you pay a percentage of your income, it will affect your payments. If you pay a flat amount, it shouldn’t unless, like other people said, your ex asks for an increase.


Spoken like a true man hating feminist.

The OP was asking to find out if he would need to back-pay. He already stated he is paying. His question is both sensible and prudent for a man trying to make sure his duty is met. Your throwaway response implies that he is attempting to shirk his responsibility.

Either you need to brush up on your reading comprehension, or you need a light shined on your heart.


Unless you elected to have the state take it because you were tired of your ex calling every Saturday because the post office dropped off the check that day and not on the Friday that she thought it had to be there by. Never mind the fact that you mailed it on the previous Monday.

Garnishment is for dead beats, yes but it can also be because the payor didn’t want to hear the crap from the payee and this is a nice way to say “leave me alone”


Some people truly have no common sense. And really how is it any of your position to call someone a dead beat? I’m sure all of you are the epitomy of moral fortitude, right? Doubtful. In my expierence(my dad had to pay my mom child support) your child support only will go up if your child’s parent notifies them and wants more money, otherwise they have far too many cases to process each one every tax season to see who needs an increase and so on. Honestly the fact that so many people jump to conclusions is sad. Most women use child support for all the wrong reasons anyway, ie. new handbags, getting their nails done, dates with their boy friends, to live off a parttime job, etc. Not to mention it seems to me he is asking if his will go up and he will be charged extra for the passed year for his extra income, not if they will take his tax return because he owes money to his ex. Sheeesh, some people are so quick to try and bring others down to their level.