Updated Communication Guidelines policy for all sellers


Agree. This happened to me just this morning.


I see it says no phone numbers in emails. This is really terrible. Sometimes customers contact us through Amazon and they want to talk. Amazon is doing their best to make sure the customers have no support at all. You would figure customers would look up the company info online to call direct but they do not. They expect to go to Amazon, contact the seller and have the issues resolved. Little do they know how much Amazon wants to block all messages from seller to buyer. This is going to come back and bite Amazon.

Buyers will get tired of the lack of support for Amazon bought products.


it’s really funny because the Amazon employees in India have really terrible grammar.


yes , I think they were


I am more concerned that we can not provide the manufacturers phone number for warranties on products when a buyer contacts us after 30 days. Some products have warranties of 1 year or longer.


@barresource You can display your customer service phone number on your seller profile page. We also supply our contact info on all packing slips.


The policy changes appear to mostly force sellers into better compliance with the law, and recent judicial decisions (language, accessibility, etc.).

I think many third-party sellers, will not appreciate the changes, and will be unable to understand that this is not oppressing them but rather are guards to protect Amazon and sellers from breaching the law.


Read the updates carefully. Amazon will be able to ding you for spelling (typos) or grammar (syntax) errors - see # 11:

Permitted Message styling may not contain any of the following:

  1. Accessibility issues as specified in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative
  2. Emojis
  3. GIFs
  4. Message margins over 20% max width
  5. Image or graphic sizes larger than 80% max width
  6. Overrides of Amazon’s default line height, font family, or font color
  7. Fonts in more than three sizes
  8. Message bodies that are centered or that otherwise override default text alignment settings
  9. More than two line-breaks (spacing between paragraphs) in a row
  10. Unsecure images (http instead of https)
  11. Spelling errors or grammar issues

So I hope you all passed elementary school English, or have a great spell and grammar check program.


No I have not.( Yes I have a high school Diploma from a US based school in my town and English is my mother tongue )


We also supply our contact info on all packing slips.

I thought this was a no-no?

Which, given that AMZ, is listing our contact info on our seller page as of Sept. 1st, doesn’t make any sense …


Customers are free to phone you or show up at your doorstep but they aren’t allowed to know your email address. It makes perfect sense. :crazy_face:


This is even more egregious when you consider that I’ve never received a message through Buyer-Seller Messaging that was passed on from Customer DisService that properly communicated an idea or request, let alone had correct grammar or was devoid of spelling errors.


Permitted Messages may not include any of the following:

  1. Attachments except for product instructions, warranty information, or invoices
  2. Images of purchased products as Amazon includes those on your behalf

As a used book seller, I occasionally will have buyers contact me for photos of the specific book I have listed. This sounds like it will not be possible to send them even if requested.


Here’s a suggestion for Amazon re: buyer/seller messaging and FBA orders:

About 90% of messages I receive from customers are FBA issues that I’m unable to answer (Item hasn’t arrived or shows as delivered but it’s not. The order is in pending status. They want to return an item. When will they get their refund, etc.) I feel like I’m giving the customer the run-around when I say that they need to contact Amazon directly, and tell them how to do so.

Couldn’t there be something the customer chooses first so that FBA issues go directly to Amazon customer service reps? For example, they choose the reason for writing (Return or Refund. Shipping Issue or Status. A question about the product.) and if your system detects that it’s an FBA order, “A question about the product” is the only inquiry sent to the seller, and the others go to Amazon customer service.


Well, that is interesting. I have tried two different search engines and can not bring up the guidelines via the links in their letter, etc. I can’t even see that they don’t allow spelling and grammar mistakes. As if Amazon and their CSR don’t make mistakes when writing themselves. Does this include buyer’s spelling and grammar mistakes or do they get the usual free pass?

Those sellers that we try to encourage in this forum to improve their terrible spelling and grammar are going to be having a very rough time with this policy. Now it won’t be just other sellers telling them that we can’t understand, but Amazon as well.

Wish I could see the rest of these documents because what I have been able to bring up to read is confusing. It isn’t very succinct (I am impressed with myself for spelling succinct correctly on the first try!).

At least we have a couple of months to figure it all out. At least I hope we can figure it out. The hard thing is my customers who write to me wanting to chat about sewing.


Sometimes a customer writes saying that they used the wrong address and request a change. Right now we tell to request a cancellation of the order and then place a new one. This is no longer allowed?


Wonder how this will work with Handmade? Sometimes I have customers contact me about customizing listed items and would like to see what it will look like before purchasing. Sounds like this will no longer be permitted?


This is hilarious to me since 90% of the messages that we receive from Amazon customer service reps have so many spelling and grammatical errors they are often times hard to decipher.


We did the following…

  1. Change everything to FBA and put non FBA friendly items on other channels or sell to new FBM merchants too naive to understand that over the top customer service is wasted on Amazon.
    1.5 Use 3p software to manage other sales channels with FBA invnentory.
  2. Take phone off hook, throw receiver in trash.
  3. Change address to PO box in another city/country. (The Chinese can do it, so can we.)
  4. Use money saved not paying someone to deal with customers to buy cold beverages and television.
  5. Consume cold beverage and watch television. Drown out hypocrisy of Amazon privacy issues and communication with additional beverages.


We will need to add the image to the listing.