Temporarily prioritizing products coming into our fulfillment centers


Black Friday is 4x for a couple of days. Thjs is more like 10x and everyday!


—We understand this is a change to your business, and we did not take this decision lightly.

Sorry if people will not believe you on this. Great way to wreck the businesses of hundreds of thousands of sellers.


I hope it is for the best, 2020 is a nightmare.


SAme here.


It is not doable. Most of us do not have the infrastructure in place. We do not have the boxes or packing material to do this.

Amazon should have had the basic integrity to give us a few days notice so that items that were low or out of stock could be sent.


Same with us,

All organic, shelf-stable grocery. We can’t re-stock a single SKU from our catalog.


@amazon You need to also suspend Amazon loan payment requirements. You cannot require people to make loan payments after shutting them off from sending in the inventory they used the loan money on.


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we do baby, health and household, beauty and personal and cant create shipments


So since you’re basically suspending service to us, I expect you to defer the $39.99 a month payment until normal operations have resumed. I don’t pay for services I don’t receive. If this doesn’t happen, just another reason not to sell on amazon anymore. Pretty tired of their disregard for sellers, as if we don’t make up 50% of the amazon eco system.


This is an important point. It is Amazon basically reducing the revenue for most of their sellers and so they should be suspending loan payments for at least the equivalent amount of time.


Well put AntoArts
Yes it is hard for all
Bar owners, waitresses, the list is a mile long
and yes I still am worried about all of the warehouse employees…
we are a part of a large team and we need all parts to be healthy to stay strong~
I was shocked to not read more responses like yours~
Be safe


i have a large loan please suspend everyones payments til this is fixed i bout 10,000 units for fba and have no capacity to fbm these myself anytime soon


Amazon still charges $39.99 per month to third party sellers.
They should do something to support small business and comfort sellers.


Overreaction and panic are much worse than the actually virus.


Honestly I dont think this is true, my sales had dropped from 3-400 a day to 8. so I wasnt selling anything anyway.


Because over 50% of sellers from are from China, my dude.


Why is the Buy Shipping Feature disabled - that makes absolutely no sense?


Really? Have you ever seen a known bug (aside from a transient outage) reported on the Seller Central home page, even when it’s a business-killing issue for some? Does any “bad press” ever show up there, even when it’s need-to-know (aside from middle-of-night buried news stories like this’n, which can be spun as a positive for Amazon’s real customers, which are buyers)? This is our dashboard into the business and primary communication with Amazon, and they’re still letting the PR department trump engineering. This is how I know they are a marketing company, and not a tech company. Their share price is based more on perception than profit, and always has been, and they’re responding accordingly.


I don’t see the connection. :zipper_mouth_face: