Send to Amazon will replace Send/replenish inventory on September 1


I haven’t used the new workflow in a long time, but doesn’t it allow you to save that information for each item so you don’t have to enter it again after the first time?

Or do you mean why do you have to enter it into the new workflow the first time you use it even though you have entered into the previous workflow? I have no idea what structure they have for these but I would guess that the 2 versions don’t work off the same database. Could they make it more convenient? Sure, but the simple answer is they really don’t care to. I’m not saying that is “right” or that I’m happy with it (I’m not) but as with many, many things on Amazon, you do what you need to do to continue to sell here.

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Nope, it hasn’t been fixed!


I mean the first time I send an item in Am asks me for dimensions and weight. And the shipping label on the box also gives dimensions and weight. So why are they going on about needing to know whats in the shipment and how big every box is?
The Seller university videos are not helping me understand but I will start practicing with these shipments as it is my off season.


Pretty sure all the mods will ignore this thread of nearly 100% complaints.
Send your feedback to the executives. This workflow is unbelievably terrible. While we use the API, hazmat shipments’ box contents DO NOT work in the API. The send to amazon workflow is amazon creating something they think is pretty but is absolutely trash in the real world operationally.

But it’s all pointless. Amazon won’t care about this feedback despite this thread being extremely obvious that it is a terrible change.


same here, i tried “send to amazon” and went back to the old system


This is the worst idea in a long time.

The new system SUCKS

There is no reason to change it.

All you are doing is making our lives more miserable than they already are


This will be a nightmare for my business as well. Just let us use the old method.

I list my books as soon as they come in. Clean them up, list them FBA, label them and bag them if necessary. Then I go back through, package up all my books, then list them through replenishment one box at a time. I have spent years trying to find the best method, and every year or so Amazon changes how I have to do things. This was my most recent attempt to normalize listing books on Amazon, given all the other hoops to jump through. I am surprised they are making this change considering the new system is simply not functional to me when I list similarly.

I hope they reconsider the current workflow setup.


Please don’t do this. The old workflow works for ALL business models, this one doesn’t. WHY YOU NEED TO CHANGE WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS???


I tried many times to get used to the new workflow when it was launched since I figured it would be mandatory someday. But it is impossible to use and I had to revert to the old workflow to keep my sanity. There is nothing wrong with the current workflow, and the new one fails on so many points.

Amazon: please, PLEASE don’t do this. The new workflow is literally unusable for the majority of sellers.


Amazon dumber by the day.


Absolutely garbage! Who at Amazon approved this? Amazon, once again, screwing things up that are working just fine instead of fixing real problems that have been plaguing sellers for years!
I guess we shouldn’t expect anything else from this company who doesn’t give one iota about the 3P sellers on this site. Instead of listening to the sellers who use the platform everyday, they forge right ahead with a flawed program that did not need to be updated! Amazon listens to no one but themselves. All of upper management are of legends in their own minds!


going to throw my hat in the ring and say that send to amazon may be the most frustrating thing I’ve ever used on the site. I have to add all sorts of extra useless information and I can’t actually pack my boxes as I go.


Is there a known 3rd party application that has integrated with the FBA Workflow API, Amazon Marketplace API, or Selling Partner API that will function as a workaround to this new requirement?

The workflow that is being required will completely upend my warehouse, and was hoping there is a 3rd party integration we can link to our account to be able to keep functioning.


NO BODY like it, why are you still doing this?


Please do not take the old version away. The new workflow is terrible for our business and makes sending inventory a nightmare.


Don’t do it thanks, it’s a small seller’s nightmare

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Fbm is looking more appealing…


It’s not convenient at all! ! ! !:rage:

  1. There are multiple SKUs in one box, and the quantity of each SKU is different!
  2. Sometimes a single SKU, a total of 20 pieces shipped, box 1: 5 , box 2: 10
    How do I operate your new process? ? ? ?
    Just tried it, and I got 6 boxes to send out
    If anyone knows how to do it, please let me know, thanks!


And Amazon is asking sellers to write to our Senators and urge them to oppose S. 2992? What does Amazon expect sellers to write…


I really like the old version, please kindly keep it:sob: