Selling sports cards on amazon


I am trying to sell some of my sports cards on amazon. First I can’t find the correct category to list them in. Second the category I was going to use is asking for these codes that cards don’t have. One of my cards is a 1/1 the only one in existence. So I can’t add it by searching amazon


There is a sports collectibles category which requires Amazon approval and is oriented to PSA and other professionally graded cards. No UPCs are required.

See seller help for details on approval.


I believe sports memorabilia is a restricted category, look it up in help. The codes you generally need are UPC codes and you can buy them on Ebay or Amazon.


Any reason you’re going the Amazon route for these? Doesn’t seem like the easiest or most effective option.


Ok anyone know the link for this to help me. Yes I have bgs cards for sale and some more common single cards as well. So I would have to buy these codes for each card? I have thousands of cards


You are as capable of searching seller help as we are.

Type category approval.


Probably because they are not selling well in any other venue.


Hello Power cards,

Thank you for posting to seller forums.

I see you are new to selling on Amazon and you want to know how to sell your sports cards.

I recommend you start by reviewing the following sections in the seller help pages:

  • [Selling in Categories|]
  • [Categories and Products Requiring Approval|]
  • [Sports Collectibles and Requirements|]

If you meet all of the requirements for listing in the Sports Collectibles category, you may request approval here:

  • [Request Approval|]

Welcome to selling on Amazon. Good luck!



So that means every sports card on amazon is from a buisness and a pro account?

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