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On the Amazon sellers app. You could scroll down to( product photo studio) click on that and you could create a white background photo through Amazon. Does this exist anymore I’ve actually seen it on a video


Ummm…here is an idea. Download the app, and try it.


I did not even know Seller app had this feature. Yes it is still there, but it’s pretty basic.


Basic is ok as long as it whites out the background. I have a white background on my photos but it has to be photoshopped altered in some kind of way to match up with Amazon’s white page.
There is no way even a professional would have to use some kind of Photoshop to match up that white background on Amazon.
I have the Amazon sellers app I don’t see it on their can I download it and what download is that?
Believe me this would be important to a lot of people that don’t have cash to throw around. Thanks


for android get it at the Google Play store, for iOS get it at Apple’s app store.


I just downloaded Eraser from the App Store. Here are the results of my quick test. The original photo of this sticker was taken with my comforter as a backdrop.

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