Oberdorf v Amazon


Where did you read Seller was a Chinese, i read they were in NV, United States.


I think they are from the same Group who been hijacking ASIN.


If the 3rd party remains out-of-sight, might just depose you as a witness!!


Amazon will appeal and win.

No one is concealing themselves from the end consumer.

We are allowed to put our contact information up for customers to contact us. Some do, some do not.


So is it okay to post my URL?


If you are a true business, have a website and use your business name on Amazon, there is no need to put your URL

Anyone can find you through google, if they want to


If things go as things tend to go on Amazon the reaction will be to over police. A lot of accounts will be closed and 1/2, at least, of those will be good honest sellers. In a similar instance where the woman bought at a flea market boot would the entity who runs the flea market be liable? In that case there would be no access to the seller at a later date. How about a church bazaar? Or a fund raiser where prizes are donated by businesses and individuals?


No, because the items at flea markets do not meet the definition of new, and therefore have little if any consumer protection under the law. It is the same reason a certin online auction website can get a way with shady sellers, easier than Amazon Marketplace does.


“Do not include URLs or e-mail addresses on any listings, images, or supporting information, and do not hyperlink to your site from any part of the Amazon process. Any attempt to divert Amazon users to another website or sales process is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages (special offers) or “calls to action” that lead, prompt, or encourage Amazon users to leave the Amazon website are prohibited.”

Amazon gives out contact information in another area on the site.


A lot of flea markets in my area sell new items. Stores get booths to sell extra stock or to widen their range of customers for special seasonal items. As an example I often open a booth the last weekend before Christmas with children’s and Christmas themed items that I purchase directly from the publisher. A local pet supply giant does the same but you only know you purchased from them when your credit card bill comes and you say hey I didn’t buy anything from P## #####. A theatrical store near me gets booths at the local competing flea markets just before Halloween and sells costumes. Hey wait! Epiphany, I think I will see if they want to sell Halloween books on consignment. Win/win.


Fixed that :slight_smile:

Your original point was valid, obviously, but I think the real driver here is personal injury attorneys who see eleventy billion dollars in front of them when Amazon is involved.


ive read about 3 articles now and none state where the seller was from. Since Amazon seems unable to locate them, I have been assuming they are from China…of course that could be wrong.


People do sue even when there are no deep pockets visible. You may never know who has deep pockets. Our local flea market is on 20 acres in the middle of silicon valley. I would assume the property owner who also runs the flea market has relatively deep pockets or they wouldn’t be sitting on $500,000,000 to $800,000,000 in undeveloped land.


They have Nevada address in amazon records, looks like you might have to learn how find out a Seller Profile.


TNSO also have some seller Accounts from Nevada.


well with a pet product/company aptly named as “The Furry Gang”, the chance of that seller was based in China is low, very low. Honestly, I don’t think so. I know this sounds like a prejudice against all foreign sellers from Asia, but let’s be honest, even now 4 years later in 2019, when sellers from China, Vietnam, Indonesia…are everywhere on Amazon, most of them couldn’t even come out phonetically pleasing brands/names/words, clever ones like The Furry Gang in 2015? nah!


Well, when Facebook includes furries among their 50+ “genders,” ya never know…


IF “The Furry Gang” was American then it will very easy to find them unless they had bank accounts without any photo id, ssn or ein.


Do you know how many Americans are living in China and selling on Amazon?

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