New tools for adding and editing listings on Amazon Seller App


We’re bringing new features to the Amazon Seller mobile app to make it easier to list and edit products one at a time from your mobile device. You’ll notice that the new Add a Product and Edit Product workflows look more like and include features from the Seller Central experience.

This means you’ll be able to:

  • Create and edit product variations from within the app.
  • Search for categories of products you’re listing and save frequently used ones as favorites.
  • View detail page information side-by-side with your product data when you edit listings.

Amazon Seller App is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Not seeing on App how to “Search for categories” for items I am listing.


@adira_dance, have you upgraded to the latest App version?


The default keyboard for ‘Quantity’ should be the numeric keyboard, just like for pricing, instead of the alphabetical keyboard. Please fix!


If you could make it so that inbound shipments could be created, sale prices could be edited, and X00 item labels could be printed from the app that would be awesome!


This would be really helpful if it included handmade sellers/categories. When is this going to be available?


Only BRAND OWNER can edit listing! Right isn’t that what is always told to us? Its like hey Amazon someone changed the image to item sitting on toilet seat can you change back to previous image already in your system or use high res image I uploaded Amazon responds only BRAND owner now case closed get lost.


Taking twice as long to list. How can i used the older version. Glitches Galore…

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