Limited restock


One of my ASIS went to out of stock in Amazon FBA. I am trying to create a shipment to FBA, But I am getting following eror

"Limited restock

This product has a maximum inventory level and exceeds the allowed quantity. See the maximum inventory level on the Restock Inventory page and learn how to calculate the quantity limit on this Help page."

Even it is out of stock, I can not create the shipment.

When I checked Maximum inventory level in Restock inventory page, I am able to send inventory Maximum level: 56 units
But When I try to create a shipment plan, I am getting this error again

I have already contacted with Amazon, and they just send me a copy-paste answer about Covid-19 situation.

Any one can explain me how can solve this problem ?


me too,so bad :joy:


I’m having this same problem as well. Reported to support - no help. They sent me the canned message about Covid-19 like you.

I took screen shots showing the system says my items ARE eligible for restock - create shipping plan - then when I go to create a shipping plan it doesn’t allow me to put any quantity in.
I get the following message


I click on the “restock inventory page” and then go back to see my items ARE eligible for restock and calculate the quantity limit.


To which then I’m not allowed to enter the quantity limit.
It’s like freaking groundhog day.

Any help admins? Is this a known error / issue?

Sometimes when an item is eligible and I’m able to put in a quantity - I refresh the page and the option to add any quantity is gone. It’s definitely broken.


I have seen in another thread the the limit includes any current pending orders


That explains a lot then. We’ve got 4 weeks of pending orders… :man_facepalming:


There is another important factor to consider here.

If you have unused shipment plans, I believe Amazon is counting them against your restock levels.

I was unable to make a plan, even though it said I was allowed 28 units after counting my inventory and pending orders.

I went back and deleted all unused shipment plans, waited 15 minutes, logged off and back on and then I was able to make the shipment plan no problem.


I’m in the same position. According to the Maximum Inventory Level matrix I am allowed to send 770 units, but I cannot create any shipment for the sku. It has been 4th day since and the issue is still there. My shipment lead time, from China, is 4+ weeks worried I will run out. Not sure how long to wait before this gets fixed


Inbound items are counted as in FBA warehouse.


But I only have 250 units inbound - if my Maximum Inventory Level allows 770 units then I should be allowed to send 520 more units


Same issue with me. Haven’t even sent inventory yet and my products have been ready for 2 weeks now. So frustrating


I discovered that if I dropped below 50 units of an item that was not showing on my restock report I was able to create a shipment and send it in. I have 72 units sitting in a 3PL warehouse and when I tried to add all 72 I received the same error about limited restock. When I dropped it to 48 I was able to create a shipment and the boxes should be arriving today.


Go to your FBA orders and sort by order date.

I had an item showing plenty of ‘restockability’ but when I look at this page I see 741 total orders pending, many of which are for this item.

Someone else said they’re including pending orders, but I wasn’t expecting to see so many.


Getting the same thing here. It’s completely new for us. It’s crazy because we sent in a new item, it sold 500+ units in one day. Our limited restock is 50 units… Doesn’t make sense.

It’s probably going off a last 90 day algorithm. But if it’s a new item or you couldn’t send it in because of covid, your are screwed?


Do you have any old unused shipping plans that include these items? if so, delete them.

Unless you actually do have 520 units in ‘pending,’ in which case you will have to wait until they are shipped.


This is so bad! I guess all we can do is to bug them and complain.


Having the same problem, would be great if amazon was clear about what this error really is.


Same here. I believe that there is glitch in the software: It double counts the available/reserved inventory and the corresponding shipping plans until they are closed. That being said, if you send 100 units, it counts 100 until they are received by FC, from there on it is roughly counted as 200, 100 being reserved inventory (soon to migrate to available inventory) and 100 being receiving inventory. To me, this pretty much means that I will not be able to replenish any more certain ASINS.


I get the same response, but if you look above that “Based on your current…” message you get a message about maximum you can send. When I put in this maximum it allowed me to proceed. Im not going to send 50 units only it’s madness so I just wont replenish. I’m looking at 3PL providers now.

Maximum shipment quantity: 50 units
Maximum inventory level allowed**: 50 units


I asked Support about this and here is their reply:

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Beginning April 18, 2020, more products are eligible for shipment creation. We continue to focus on ensuring our ability to fulfill the highest priority products that customers need at this time. While a broader set of products can now be sent to our fulfillment centers, we are limiting the quantity you can send for some of these products.

You can see products that are eligible for shipment creation on the Restock Inventory page and in the Restock report. Products that are eligible and have quantity limits will be marked with a “Limited restock” tag.

Please note that Amazon, including our Selling Partner Support team, does not have additional information, and we are currently not accepting requests for higher quantity limits. We are working hard to restore regular operations and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

For more information, see:

COVID-19: Update on products eligible for shipment creation,

Restock Inventory page,

Restock report,


Yeah, that’s the canned response.

I probed a little further and it turns out they’re counting “pending orders” that are over a month old as existing stock. This is why the system shows we’re eligible to send new inventory in but will not allow us to do so. :man_facepalming: