How to ungate Watch Category in Amazon?


Hi we are a new seller in amazon usa and we’re a company from Germany. We wanted to sell under watch category but we failed to do so. We are trying to ungate the watch category for a while now but Amazon keep on rejecting us. Any suggestion you can gives us to ungate in this category?

We provided this OPTION#1 and even explained to them (Amazon) that we have all the required information but we are still denied.

Option #1: Three legible, scanned, or clearly photographed vendor invoices for the products you intend to sell in the category. Please ensure the documentation submitted meets our requirements as outlined here:
• Invoices must be dated within the last 90 days, or showing item delivery or purchase within the last 90 days
• Invoices must have your name or issuing business name
• Invoices must have contact information for your business (address, phone number, email, or website)
• Invoices must have the names of the products you purchased
• Invoices must have the document issuer’s name, address, phone number, email, or website
• Please obscure pricing information (optional)

If I asked them the reason or if there are any thing we could do for us to approve in watch category, the amazon support hesitated to do so. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

PS. We are selling generic or unbranded watch items from China. We have checked and there is no trademark under these watches.

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Are the invoices in English?

Does the Sold To name/address/phone number EXACTLY match the business information you gave Amazon?

Do the watches at all resemble name brands or possibly infringe on trademark or design? Just because it is unbranded does not mean it isn’t a knockoff. Amazon is very suspicious of goods from China.

Did you deal directly with the factory or with an Ali Baba middleman merchant? All invoices must be factory direct.

Seller Support does not handle this; it’s pq-approvals, so asking Support why you were rejected is useless. And the approvals people will never tell you what it is they didn’t like.


Amazon wants to see that you are a jewelry store and have established accounts with USA Distributors. Amazon will consider invoices from your home country as gray market products which they do not allowed to be sold.

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