How long does it take to get approved to start selling?


I am all set up as a professional seller and I can look at my seller central page, but i am unable to add products yet.

I did get an email asking for my ID and bank statement. I immediately provided front & back ID and statement yet the case is still pending waiting on action from Amazon. I can go no further at this point. The case has been pending for 5 days now. I have no benchmark reference as to how long this process normally takes so any information would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Five days isn’t much in Amazon time. Try to be patient while your new seller review is taking place, they may have a backlog.


It can take anywhere from 24 hours to more than a month. So…Spend that time learning and UNDERSTANDING Amazon’s selling and return rules.


Well I did finally get approved. It took 6 days. I still cannot add any products yet as it tells me that they are now waiting on payment. I guess that might take a day or two also.


Did you hide the bank account number on your bank statement?
Because I did not hide and they did not accept my documents, but they didn’t assure me that was the issue. I hided now and I have to wait 8 days, but I’m not very confident that hiding the number will solve the case. Even though, I would like to know if you hided it too

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