How do I get my FNSKU label on my product?



I am close to having my product shipped to Amazon FBA centers, but I am a bit confused about how to get my FNSKU label on each unit. I am aware that every unit for sure needs an FNSKU label if being sold through Amazon, I just am unsure how I can put it on there if I am sending my PL product from China directly to the FBA centers.

I have already registered my UPC bar codes and set up my seller central account and added a new product. I see my SKU and ASIN number in the inventory section… but I am just unsure as to how I get those labels to my manufacturer so that they can be put on each unit. Will I have to pay Amazon to do this?

So to sum that up… I need to know how to get my FNSKU label on my units WITHOUT having to print them out and do it myself. I want my manufacturer to print them on my packaging if possible.

Thank you!


Thanks for your reply!

So I am having my packaging made in China and would like to do option 2:

“you can have your supplier in china actually print the FNSKUs on the boxes if you are having boxes printed”

…but I am unsure how to do this.

Where do I get the FNSKUs from? Are they on my seller central account?
Will each unit have the exact FNSKU number?

Thank you!


–Three-- Four ways…

  1. you can send the FNSKU PDF to your supplier in China and have them put them on the boxes

  2. you can have your supplier in china actually print the FNSKUs on the boxes if you are having boxes printed

  3. you can pay Amazon to sticker your items for $0.20 each

  4. you can have your items sent to you so you can put the stickers on them before sending them to FBA

You may be able to use just a printed UPC code on the boxes in lieu of a formal FNSKU, but you’ll need to check the help pages to see if that applies to you. In general everything sent to FBA needs some sort of barcode on it.


You can “Print labels” from your Inventory management page to download a PDF of one label
> Will each unit have the exact FNSKU number?
Yes. FNSKUs do not change over time and are the same for each identical item you send to FBA. “Identical item” being a unique ASIN/MSKU combination.


Be sure and read the entire FBA help section so you’ll understand the process.

You needed your UPC to list the product but that doesn’t necessarily need to be physically on your packaging. If it is, however, printed on there, you can request “commingled” inventory and not have to mess with FNSKU labels at all. Generally we don’t like commingling, but if this is your exclusive product, it wouldn’t be an issue since it wouldn’t be mixed with another seller’s inventory.

OR you can have them apply the FNSKU label OR have that printed right on the packaging.

You get the FNSKU when you convert your inventory to Fulfilled by Amazon and print them out in the label section of the p’an if you’re doing it that way. But if they’re not already on the packaging, you or your manufacturer would have to put them on.

If I were you, I’d have the UPC printed on the packaging, select the commingle option and be done with it.


Thanks for the response!

I have read a lot of information on this whole process, and think I am headed in the right direction.

I have already registered my UPC code and figured out how to get my FNSKU code on my seller central account. I do have my own packaging and label so I’m trying to stay away from commingling.

I am having my manufacturer print my FNSKU label directly on my product. Thank you for all the help!


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