High-Volume Listing Fee change effective August 1, 2016


I have this headline in my Seller Central and one paragraph with the beginning of an explanation of these new/adjusted fees, but when I click on “learn more”, it takes me to the explanation of a structure November/December 2016 fees…
Can someone see what these new fees are about?


These are related to FBA fees.
During the months of November and December the FBA fulfillment fees are going down but the storage fees are going up.

They do not want items taking up space in their warehouses during these months when they are not moving and just taking space.




Dear Seller,

We are writing to notify you of a change to how we will calculate the monthly High-Volume Listing Fee. To give you time to plan, this change will not take effect until August 1, 2016.

  1. How will the new High-Volume Listing Fee work?

Starting August 1, 2016, we will identify non-media ASINs where: (i) you have an active offer, (ii) the ASIN was created more than 12 months ago, and (iii) the ASIN has not had a sale from any seller in the past 12 months. Your first 100,000 ASINs that meet these criteria will not be charged the High-Volume Listing Fee. For each additional ASIN (above the first 100,000) that meets these criteria, you will be charged a monthly High-Volume Listing Fee of $0.005 per ASIN. The High-Volume Listing Fee will be charged monthly and will be applied to your highest number of applicable ASINs above 100,000 at any time during that month.

  1. Can you show me an example of how the High-Volume Listing Fee is calculated?

If during a month, you had active offers on 300,000 non-media ASINs that have not had a sale by any seller in the previous 12 months and have been listed on Amazon for at least 12 months, the fee applied for that month would be $1,000. This is calculated as 300,000 minus the 100,000 that are not charged this fee, which equals 200,000 ASINs that would be charged $0.005 each.

  1. How frequently does Amazon charge the High-Volume Listing Fee?

The fee will be calculated monthly and shown in the monthly statement.

  1. Where can I find additional information about selling fees?

For more information on fees, including full fee schedules, search for “selling fees” in seller Help.

Thank you for selling on Amazon,

Amazon Services


I know about Christmas fees changes; I was asking about High Volume fees as my Header of High Volumes fees takes me to an explanation of Christmas fees :blush:

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All I can say is “hallelujah!”

I’ll finally get rid of the group of California book sellers that “clone” my listings. I’ve reported them several times. Amazon closes their stores, they open new accounts, upload their flat file of listings, and are back in business within an hour.

The have between 700,000 and 900,000 listings, each. I know for sure, they couldn’t possibly have my collectibles in stock. At $4,000 a month, each, I don’t think they’ll be around too long; and neither will the rest of the big drop shippers!

Thank you Amazon!



Amazon’s message refers to only non-media FBA inventory, so the group of booksellers that you mentioned who probably don’t have real inventory will not be affected.


I call them “book stores” because that’s what’s in their name.

776,602 results for JB World Books
721,460 results for Dream Readers
317,822 results for Red Maple Books153
184,180 results for Bangkber book
552,399 results for SAVING DEALS PRO
Grago Books
Carpenter store
Perth Shopping Mall
Treeofwisdom Books
337,052 results for Sendai Book Store Storefront
Greenlife Store

These are the same few “despicable” California sellers.

I don’t sell books. They “cloned” my listings for toys; so, I’m hoping to get some relief.



It won’t be the same ASIN…I know what he’s talking about as I sell toys too…these Californian sellers always have “books” in their name and clone pages…thousands of them.

They take a $3.00 matchbox and duplicate the page exactly title…bullet points …pictures…description and then make a new ASIN and charge 30-40 dollars or more saw one the other day for $127.00 for a toy that sells for less than $15 with prime…those ASIN version of the same product will never sell.

Here is an example

for this item


It’s sellers like these is the exact reason for the change.


Funky, I am not sure if you get any relief

Based on this:

(ii) the ASIN was created more than 12 months ago, and (iii) the ASIN has not had a sale from any seller in the past 12 months.

That means if YOU SOLD one in the past 12 months, the other seller who just copied your listing will NOT be charged the high volume listing fee


Do not assume there will be no sale of that $127 matchbox.

Sometimes such storefronts are money laundries.


Agreed I should have said most of these ASINs will not sell…because there are hundreds of thousands of listings like these…I think it will make it harder to continue the practice and remain profitable…meaning these sellers would have to scale back instead of continuing to create more and more listings…of course I guess they could just open multiple accounts and limit the amount of ASINs per account


Please, do not give them any idea…


Before I posted the list of California sellers, I checked into some of the ASINs I reported.

Many of them were gone. But sellers like JB World Books popped up in their place. They’re easy to spot because of their naming conventions, and their shipping rates are usually the same.

I collected their listings over a period of time so, when I reported them, I had an impressive list of 50 to 100 violations for each one.

Since it’s become almost impossible to stop them from coming back, I’m sure they won’t be willing pay the “hefty” storage fees. After all, they thrive in a free, non-restricted environment.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



I understand that.

When they “cloned” my listings, they created new ASINs.



Or, they could simply buy and sell one of each ASIN from their multiple accounts, annually?



where exactly did some of you see that this concerns “FBA” items???

This is about high volume listers. The people affected are not going to be FBA people.


If they have 300,000 non selling listings, they would have to fake buy sell 200,000 of them each year… that’s a quite a chunk of of change, even if it’s a pretend one, it would still get Amazon commission at 12% of whatever the rate, which I suspect would cost more than the High-Volume Listing Fee Payable


where did you see reference to “FBA items” in my posts?