Have you ever used amazon lending


we have an offer for a loan and would like to know if anyone else has ever used amazons loan.


Yes. It works if you need short-term cash for inventory buy-ins or other short-term needs. A little pricey but for a small business that might not be able to get a short-term loan at a local bank, this will work.


+Have you ever used amazon lending+


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the interest rate is pretty low compared to what we currently have. how often does amazon offer a loan? lets say we take this max loan, when can we take another one out. or is this a one time deal.


Once the loan offer expires, there is no guarantee that you’ll get another one. Also, you may or may not get an offer to refinance and get additional funds if you currently have a loan. I’ve gotten numerous refinance offers and the one I’m getting now is a ridiculous amount of money. I just can’t pull the trigger quite yet (business reasons).


Yes, lots of people.

Make sure you understand how it works before you accept the offer.


be VERY carefully when choosing the trems as you CANNOT change them.
so if you need 12 months to pay it back…or have different amounts to choose from…do it slowly and be sure you pick the right things.
also…after you have the loan…
you can go into your lending page and have the payments taken out bi monthly if that is easier.
but it has to be done…before the payment is due.


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You should have an Amazon Lending offer on your Seller Central home page:



Thanks for all the info, how do I access the lending page.


USED IT ONCE, with the thought that I’d pay it off quickly and they’d offer it again and I would borrow a larger amount, pay it back quickly, and eventually borrow enough to really reduce my debt load then pay it off slowly, but after the first loan they never offered it to me again maybe because I paid if off too quickly for them to get any interest off it, I really don’t know


You have access to the lending page after you have accepted a loan.
Once you have accepted your first loan the lending page is a permanent fixture on your account.


Just because you have an offer for a loan does not mean that you will get the loan.
You will have to go through their application process (not really very involved)
I have used this several times and have actually been turned down for the offered amount twice.
The first time I had a policy violation on my account that was less than 6 months old.
After that one I did not have another offer for about a year.
This was approved right away.
Since then I have used may this maybe 5 or 6 different times.
I now get a new offer about every 2 or 3 months.
My second denial for a loan was that I did not have enough inventory located in FBA.
I received a new offer for a lower amount about 1 month later that was approved.


I recall you posting about that denial.
It still seems like a strange way for them to have turned you down as I have never done FBA,
Yet, I always have 5 figure loans.
I did not realize…they offered you loans and turned you down for 2 of them?
That would be disheartening as I assumed an offer was a tacit acceptance.


The denial for lack of inventory in FBA was for a 6 figure loan. (around 175000)
My current loan without any items in FBA (I removed everything at the end of Oct when they offered the free removal to avoid the storage fees for Nov and Dec) is at 75000.


Now that makes sense…
all my loans are in the 25 to 30 range.
The higher the loan the more scrutiny.


ours was 17 and we got approved. its pretty amazing that amazon can give a cash loan this quickly. really going to help us with inventory. Thanks for all the responses.


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In my experience having used this about 4 times, once a loan is closed (paid off or rolled into another loan) usually it takes 3-8 weeks before another offer appears.


I thought it was to be “live long and prosper”?