Everyone one of our dormant listings has been hijacked


I know this has been going on for some time but it has gotten worse than ever lately.

While looking through some of our listing that are currently out of stock, I found that every single one has been co-opted by a seller in order to steal the reviews.

After looking at each listing, its easy to see that these sellers have combined several dormant listings to get a large number of reviews and then they are up voting the few reviews for the actual product that is now listed so that when unsuspecting customers look at the reviews , the first page of reviews belong to the actual product listed.

This is getting seriously out of hand. Just find it hard to believe that Amazon is allowing this to go on.

What is the best method to report these and get our listing restored to the proper images and info?

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Try the below format.

The main email should be addressed to community-help@amazon.com, with the Cc: being optional.

Report Listing Hijack , All Reviews of Out of Stock Listing merged in another product
Meaning of the word hijack
Co-opting/hijacking reviews
Gaming Amazon's review system
Operation review and Abuse of variant,nobody care
Report Listing Hijack , All Reviews of Out of Stock Listing merged in another product
Another HIJACKER! I'm pulling my hair out
ASIN Title & Product Completely changed but wasn't notified

Hi Rushdie,

Thank you for the detailed reporting directions.

Will this restore the items to their original content or do we need to do deal with the catalog team to get that part done?


So sorry, I did not see your question, until today.

Yes, open a case with Seller Support, but as the Subject line, write: “PLEASE FORWARD TO CATALOG & FEEDS TEAM”.


See Rushidie, here is a good one.
When you have the disposable time to do that one topic with all the e-mail addresses…
You can add community Help e-mail address, a short description of what they do and then a link to this comment of yours, which is excellent.


EWB, may I ask whether or not this played out satisfactorily?


I just saw this on the news over the weekend.

There are Chinese consultants that coach their sellers over there on how to take over dormant listings.

Every single one of our dormant listings has been hijacked.

We don’t bother with it because we don’t use them, so not worth the hassle.


Yes, we were able to get our original listings restored. It took quite a few emails and some phone calls with the catalog team to get all the details in the listing back to their original content.

The problem now is how to stop them from being co-opted again.


I’ve just experienced this exact same issue. We were out of stock for around a month because we had an issue with damaged freight. It only took about three weeks but now a seller has completely taken over our listing and changed the item to something entirely different. The kicker is that Amazon still has some of our original inventory in stock, deemed unsellable.

Now I’ve got almost 700 units, which were already inbound before the hijack took place, that have arrived at Amazon fulfillment centers and I have no idea what is going to happen to them.

I’ve opened a case, which I reply to almost every day. And I’ve followed Rushdie’s advice and sent an email directly to the community help team. I’ve received ZERO responses from anyone at Amazon.

I am afraid that this may be the death blow to what was beginning to turn into a real career. I simply cant afford to keep incurring CC debt without an income stream to pay down the balance.


It has been 3 weeks now and I’ve still yet to receive even a simple response from Amazon. Now my inventory has been received and is available for purchase as the WRONG ITEM. I have no idea what to do or how to fix any of this.


That is why I know if I am not going to reuse an old listing, I delete it. Why take the chance on having it hijacked.


It wasnt old. We were out of stock for a couple of weeks due to a packaging issue allowing damage in transit. We had to remove almost 3,000 units, have them repacked, then sent back to Amazon. During this time another seller hi-jacked the listing and completely changed the entire page, product, brand, manufacturer, etc. It all happened over the course of just a couple days.

When I noticed the listing starting to change I opened a case stating that another seller was attempting to hi-jack the page. The open ticket never received a response from Amazon and I had to watch as not only was the listing slowly changed, but now the other seller even has stock in FBA!?!

Now my items have arrived back to fulfillment centers and are being received and sold under the changes the other seller made.


Based on my personal experience, it is a mystery to me how these other sellers are getting dormant listings changed. As a registered brand owner and the sole seller of my 500 SKUs, it takes reams of emails and several types of “proof” before I can get even one thing changed on my legit listings.


Maybe I should take some lessons from those coaches in China…


Watch out. You take the reviews back from them, they will turn around and up vote all your bad reviews, submit 1 star review(s) on your best selling products. Happened to us.

If you complain about your ASIN, complain on all of their ASINs that are engaging in this fraud (likely all of their ASINs) because they’ll know it’s you if you don’t and target you. We had a 4.7 star product, now 4.4 and headed down in a matter of weeks…


In a situation like this, I would immediately inactivate your offer upon that listing, lest you find even more difficulties as a result of dissatisfied customers’ complaints.


hi EWB. We met same problem also. I would like to ask if they change to a register brand, will the original listing be restored?

We sold some Generic listing and send FBA, but listing was changed and we are reported as infringement.


Did you ever get this listing reverted back to yours?


Thanks for the email template i’m going to give this a try and maybe you can help me out. I have been hijacked by a brand registered Chinese seller since April. I was the largest seller in my niche so i drew the short straw and since the seller submitted it to brand registry they were also able to get the new transparency codes for the product preventing me from sending in any more inventory. I have called so many times about this i feel like my ears could bleed from hearing that dang piano music so much. They did the typical trademark violations as well and I got them all overturned but no help from amazon on getting my listing back. Any other suggestions? We are about 2-3 months away from receiving our trademark finally but I’m now concerned even with that I wont get my listing restored.

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