Customer is Asking for a Blind Ship


Hey everyone, I have somebody who messaged asking if I could do a blind ship with no invoice or pricing. What exactly does this mean? Is this allowed under Amazon’s rules?


No seller has the right to ask you to “blind ship”, but I don’t think they know what it means anyway.

Just treat it as a drop ship request and eliminate any pricing information from the packing slip (just black out the price if your packing slip has price included).

A true blind ship wouldn’t even have your return address, and I would not send any package out that way.


The purpose of not including pricing is that they don’t want their customer to know that they advertised a book they do not possess for $100. Then when they got an order, they ordered your $35 copy and will have you drop ship. They don’t want the buyer to know that they just paid a price for being (dumb, lazy, gullible, whatever)

Not 100% of no-pricing requests are from drop shippers. Only about 99.9%.

Not all drop shipping requests come from spider listers. Just most. Some drop shipments are due to a legitimate mistake on the part of a seller, and drop shipping is a (sometimes costly) way to avoiding a negative impact to the seller’s metrics.

Some of those requests are from people giving a gift.


It means you do not include an invoice.
Nothing preventing you from doing this.


But what’s the purpose of not including it?


Got it. Thanks guys!


This is normal for a gift.


Its either a dropshipper (most likely) or a gift. Its not unusual and if they request it there is nothing wrong with accommodating that request.

All you have to do is not include the packing slip.


If they sold the item on ebay for more $, and have you ship it for them (i.e. drop shipping), they don’t want the buyer knowing how much they paid for it.


And yet the Amazon packing slips i print out do.


Packing slips should NOT have the price on them.


Usually I ignore these messages as they arrive after we have already shipped.


Amazon rule is to include a packing slip. It has order id and info for customer return. You can black out the price. If you don’t want to include it, than don’t.


NONE of my packing slips have prices on them.

NO, I didn’t set it up that way.

This has been discussed in the past.

Not all Amazon seller accounts will have prices on the packing list or invoices.

Perhaps someone can get a explanation for the above from Amazon.


“Blind ship” means not to include ANY information about YOUR account.

  1. No packing slip.
  2. Not your seller name.
  3. Not your return address.

Drop shippers, asking for a “blind ship”, don’t want their customers to have any information concerning the actual seller.

The only part of the request I would honor, is not to include pricing.


Because they are reselling it for more money…

Whats the reason you wouldnt want to? Simply say no problem, and ship it out…

Take the order as if you would any other sale… The customer believes you went over and above to make sure the order didnt have a packing slip and will probably order from you again when they get another sale


ALL my packing slips have prices on them. They always have.


Old platform = no pricing on packing slip. Even after the Great Migration.


They don’t want an invoice in the box…?

1/2 the books I buy from 3p Sellers on AZ have NO Invoice in the Box…

And those that do don’t have a priced stated…


Do you ship while the order is pending? Most of these messages are sent immediately after the order is placed and while it is still within the 30 minute pending period. How could you have already shipped the order?