Can I drop package in USPS mail box?


Besides having the mailman pick up USPS paid orders from your home (or going to USPS), can you also drop the package in a USPS blue mailbox? My mailman told me this is just fine, but…I wanted to get more seller’s opinions. And do you find this is a good idea?


There are also package bins at the P.O. that you can use to drop packages in.
If your packages fit into the mailbox, why not? I personally never put any of my packages into
those mail boxes. I’ve heard of people actually stealing the mail boxes, they just remove the
huge nuts & bolts from the ground & load it into a pick-up truck.


We give our packages when ready to the mail truck at noon or so.

The rest go to the PO at 5:14pm they close at 5pm and last call is 5:15pm.

We put them in the bin, unless we have a lot, they are in a tub, and the mail people appreciate us not filling up the bin.

Our PO has a buzzer on the door near the bins. We push that get a smile, or a little ribbing that “we are late once again” they take the tub and scan everything in for us.

#1 advise for a new seller, if you are using USPS make friends with the Postmaster and workers. Our postmaster even found a package on Christmas Eve that we put in the phone number in the address line, in a dead letter bin by another postmaster, who drove it to the AZ customers home.

Get to know and appreciate your Post Office People, or find a small post office nearby and do the same.


Yes, you are allowed to drop packages in the blue mailboxes as long as you already paid for the postage (i.e. bought postage through Amazon, PayPal,, etc.). Sometimes it is more convenient to do that. It’s only stamped packages over a certain weight (14 ounces, maybe) that you cannot just drop into the bin.

That all said, I’ve found that on those few occasions where I’ve done this, it’s taken longer to get the acceptance scan… Usually the day after they are picked up, even if they are picked up early in the day. Just something to watch for.



You can if you print your postage on line. You can’t if it is over 13 ounces with regular postage stamps.


I fill 2 mailboxes with packages every morning.
You can sometimes shake them to fit more in.


Great to know. Makes me feel more safer when dropping in the boxes, thanks.


Yep, I’ve dropped packages that weigh 5 pounds into the APC bins. I just put them down the chute and back in my car in 60 seconds…love it. As long the postage is postage from Amazon or the website (or paypal or whatever)…just can’t just be stamps put on the package. Blue boxes are fine too- been doing that for 15 years. As far as people stealing the blue bins…that is pretty darn rare, I’ve never seen it. Heck of a federal offense too if someone is that brazen. No one is lifting one from outside a post office or public area.


I suppose those blue boxes do occasionally get hit by meteorites, too.

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