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Amazon informed us that we need a letter of authorization from the Brand Owner of a brand we have been selling for years. We have contacted the Brand Owner and they have agreed to write the letter for us. But they asked us to provide them with information about the necessary content of the letter to meet Amazon requirements.
Where can I find information on what the Brand Owner needs to include in their letter of authorization to us to meet Amazon’s policies?

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Hi @jms – You could try something like this–no guarantees, though. It’s a modified template from the Brand Letter Authorization for a GTIN exemption found at How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN, or ISBN), after scrolling to the bottom of the page:


Authorization to Sell Brand on Amazon

The Seller identified below is authorized to sell [BRAND] products on Amazon.


SELLER NAME: [Name of Seller as it appears in Seller Account]
SELLER STORE NAME: [Amazon Store Name requesting authorization]
SELLER EMAIL: [Email of Seller registered with Seller Account]
SELLER PHONE NUMBER: [Phone number of Seller registered with Seller Account]
SELLER ADDRESS: [Physical address of Seller as registered in Seller Account]

BRAND NAME(S): [Brand Name]
BRAND OWNER: [Company name]
BRAND OWNER EMAIL: [Email of Brand Owner]
BRAND OWNER PHONE NUMBER: [Phone number of Company]
BRAND OWNER ADDRESS: [Physical address of Company]

[Name of contact person]
[Title of contact person]
[Email of contact person]
[Phone number of contact person]

BRAND OWNER SIGNATURE: ___________________________

DATE: ______________________

I was also very certain that @Rushdie had a post for a Brand Authorization letter template, but I have searched every which way and haven’t been able to find it, if it ever actually existed. :wink:

You could consider completing all of the fields–if known–for them before submitting for their signature, to minimize their inconvenience.

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Just to add … should be on company letterhead.


Thank you very much for this template.


Hey @jms…any update? tips? suggestions? :smile:

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