As a new seller how long does amazon hold money


as a new seller how long does amazon hold money bills are coming in but the money isnt



Welcome to Amazon! As a brand new seller it may take a few weeks for them to get the banking info entered and everything set-up. As stated, that can take as much as 30 days, but may only take a week or two.

Amazon payments will then be paid out every 2 weeks. On your main Seller Central page you can see a running total of what you have accrued, and then it will zero out when paid. As an example, our payments are processed every other Saturday and then they are available on the Tuesday after they are processed. Overall it runs pretty smoothly.

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You can expect at least 30 days (maybe longer) before you receive your first payment from Amazon.


Amazon tranfers money to your bank account once per 2 weeks. It takes 3-5 business days for money to be credited to you bank account.


Essentially 3 weeks after the sale of a product you get paid.


As has been said, your first distribution can take 4-6 weeks.

After that if you are an individual account then distributions will be every 7 days with a 14 day reserve.

If you have a professional account, then distributions are every 14 days but there is no reserve.

Sell something on individual you get paid 14-21 days later. For a pro account, it is 0-14 days.


What did you do to “earn” your reserve? Amazon would have notified you about why.

Did you have a suspension? Or lose a review?


i got a reserve placed on my account. a few months ago. why does that happen and how long before that goes away? I am a pro seller and never had a reserve until a few months ago.

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