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Each time they offer to refinance you the interest rate will change. I’m not sure how they calculate what they are going to offer but your can bet it is different each time.


Like all lending, if you do not need the money, and do not have any other debt, you get the best rate.

Amazon lending is not a revolving line of credit. It is a short term loan.


You do realize commercial paper is payment on demand.

Why are you borrowing money, at that scale your supplier should be doing net 30,45 or 90 days.

You do realize that Amazon has ZERO dollars in their inventory, the suppliers selling to vendor central are on credit terms.

Why should you pay interest?


First they hook you with teaser rates then they trap you with 14% APR thereafter? Hardly. Just say no.


You may need to change your bank.
My bank gives me a $150,000 line of credit at 6.5% and my sales are now about $700,000 per year.


Refinancing is always optional, so if you can’t afford the new rate, take a pass. I have refinanced with Amazon Lending several times, and am currently at 14.9% APR. This is pretty cheap compared to other short term options out there such as Kabbage. And as you know, there is no paperwork–it’s an instant approval process. Going through a bank will cut that rate in half if you get approved, but it can be a long drawn out process and will likely require you to collateralize with your home or other personal assets.


What bank? It’s usually the local banks that offer this. I have Wells Fargo and Chase.


To answer your question, yes they will require that you pay off what is left of the $300K loan and roll that into your new loan.

Don’t get me wrong we have used Amazon Lending and appreciate it.

However, search YouTube for “Sixteen Tons” it helps to understand.


Hell would have to freeze over before I took out a loan with Amazon. I’ve got credit cards with better rates than the 14% they are peddling. Prey Day Loans from Amazon - what a concept. As if Amazon is not bleeding sellers dry as it is. And to think Amazon may start filling prescriptions. I wonder of those will be from China too? LOL


The last loan I took was for 6%. I paid it in half the time. Then, A month later, Amazon offered me the same amount but for 14.5%… no thanks.


Really? You have credit cards with a $300K limit?


The key is to be realistic with your expectations in regards to your sales volume and your margins.
The fact that you are offered financing at any rate does not mean that you have to take it…
Now is a good time to evaluate your sales during the holiday season…
Probably your sales will be lower in the next few months, so do you need that much inventory ?
If you don’t need so much inventory but want to have the funds available in any case, is the interest rate too high or or you feeel comfortable with it ?
If you received the offer recently, than you have 4 weeks to decide, during this time evaluate your business to see what you really need, and don’t extend yourself too much.


I believe the balance still owed will come out of the new loan also so you may need to check on that also


I’d stick with the original loan at 6.5. Why refinance at 14? Why start over now?


Agreed. We would never borrow from our competitor.


You Should of used what you needed and paid off the loan asap and then taken a new loan with a lower rate. Now they have you by the horns if you’re considering their offer. Also, avoid banks, kabbage and payability.


If the OP was in a position to “use what they needed” and to “pay off their loan ASAP”, we wouldn’t be having this discussion. And even if they had paid off the loan early, there’s no guarantee that the next offer from Amazon Lending would be for a lower rate.


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It amazes me some of the amounts some of you guys are dealing with and also that you still need loans

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