After closely reviewing your Handmade listings, we have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon Handmade


I received the following information, and then the goods could not be sold. I also found that many manual sellers have this problem. Now I have sent emails and I have not responded. What should I do? Do you have this problem?

Hello Artisan,

After closely reviewing your Handmade listings, we have decided that you may no longer sell on Amazon Handmade.

All items must follow the Amazon Handmade listing policy:

If you feel this decision was in error, you can appeal by providing us the following information:

  • A detailed description of your work methods.
  • The number of your employees and their roles.
  • The number of items produced in a week.
  • 3 to 5 photos of your studio and/or workspace.
  • Any additional details you would like us to know to better understand your business and/or craft.

Please send the above information to within 3 business days.

We will review the information you submit and give you an answer as soon as possible. If the information you provided sufficiently addresses our request, we will notify you with our final decision.

If you’d like to sell your item(s) on other Amazon categories, you can view these pages in Seller Central to get started:

Thank you for selling on Amazon,
Handmade Integrity Team

Seller Performance Team


If you’re truly a handmade Artesian oh, you should have no problem taking some bad pictures, of those areas and answering questions…

And if you have a problem with English you should hire someone that has a good understanding to help you take the pictures and furnish the proof so that you can get it done all at once…


I have provided the photo and sent an email, but there is no response, it is not passed, and the notification will not be approved. In addition, I also found that many non-US sellers after July 11th, packaging China, Vietnam and many other sellers can not sell products. Is not a seller’s problem, it is a lot, it is a common phenomenon. If we are not qualified, then we have to tell us, in addition, we have no UPC in the manual category, I try to change the category, it is illegal to operate, and there are manual The photo of the category may not be a white background. If we change the category, it will not be qualified. There are a lot of stocks in our FBA. Now we can’t sell it. The loss is very big. There is no room for us to leave time for processing. It is a sudden occurrence. , our other performance is qualified, the quality of the product is no problem, now there is such a problem, very anxious


And you furnished not just one picture but answers to the rest of the questions that they asked…

  • A detailed description of your work methods.
  • The number of your employees and their roles.
  • The number of items produced in a week.
  • 3 to 5 photos of your studio and/or workspace.
  • Any additional details you would like us to know to better understand your business and/or craft.

Unless you furnished all the things in the list just one picture isn’t going to do it oh, and you need to be patient and it might take several weeks to get back to you, at that point you are probably Sol… I would think about diversifying your marketplaces now just in case Amazon shut you off…

Unfortunately I’m no longer able to help you any more good luck…


I provided photos on request. Many of them are passed or not passed now. There is no result. As shown in many weeks, there are no product rankings or sales records. So I am worried. I am here, I see the same. People or good suggestions are not, thank you


You’ve gotten great guidance and suggestions already from veteran seller @vespa.

As I mentioned to you in this other current thread (different OP, and I’m happy to see you started your own thread :+1:), you should follow the suggestions offered to that Handmade seller, although her circumstance was a bit different since she’s been selling on Handmade for four years.

There are many resellers listing Alibaba items in Handmade. The first few pages in every Handmade search is taken up by non-Handmade goods.

Maybe Amazon is finally cracking down. For all of us selling our own genuinely handcrafted products that we made, this is a good thing.

Inevitably, when Amazon does sweeps of a category, innocent ones get caught up. Or, it could be a competitor who falsely reported you to Amazon. That also has happened.

Just supply everything Amazon asked for, and you should be back selling soon.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


So… are you a handmade artisan who actually designed and made your items by hand? If so how hard is it to show your workspace, your craft, your design? And you haven’t actually said that in this thread, just that you are being challenged.

If you aren’t the actual artist/maker, and now, after getting questioned, just want to say “oh ok I’ll list in the regular categories” …well it shouldn’t be that easy.


I am in the handmade category. When I initially applied I sent in everything on this list before anything was ever listed. All photos, all documentation/ description
requested, business license, photo of outside my home with house number Visible so that it matched what was on my business license(I am home business), photos of my machinery and a description of my work process. They replied same day, if I recall in less that 2 hours with the approval. Send them everything at once in 1 email. Everything they ask for. Good Luck.


My handmade account was suspended on July 11. I receive the same information as yantashougong
I sent all the information they need on July 11, no reply yet, it’s been 3 days. Tomorrow is Prime day. Angry. And All other Artisan should take attention about this suspending issue.
1 Are you truly a handmade Artisan?
I paint and design all my products, then print and make them. I read the Handmade listing policy word by word, all my products follow the policy.
2 If your product are handmade, why you are so worry about the suspending?
First, prime day is coming, I’ll miss prime day that means I’ll lose a lot order.
Second, after read other suspending case, it needs at least half month to get the handmade account back, that means I’ll lose half month income.
Third, it’ll affect my product’s ranking, even I get my handmade account back after half month, the products won’t be perform well as before. That means what I’ll lose is not just half month income.
3 Why other handmade seller should take attention about this suspending handmade account issue?
Please don’t think your products are handmade so Amazon will never suspend your account, I have the same idea as yours before my account was suspended. Why you are so sure it won’t happen to you if it happen to me?
4 I totally agree with AndThenSome it’s good for handmade if Amazon is clearing the fake handmade seller out, but the thing is, Amazon, please don’t shot the really artisan, ok? I even suspect that the so call handmade review and suspending decision is decide by robot or system, because I believe anyone who have seen my products will not think that they are not handmade.
5 Last year, before Christmas, about 10 of my product were moved out of handmade category, it took me several days to open the case and put them back. First I contact global selling group, but what they act just like they don’t even know handmade category. So after wasting several days, I looked for help from handmade team, they help solve the issue. But just after one day the products were out of handmade again, so I have to reopen the case to do the same thing again.
After this issue, I found other sellers can easily report you product and change your product to other category, but as the seller, you need to wait 10 times effort to solve the issue.
I think the reason is similar with the suspending account. They lack of people to process the case and review the account, but when they suspend the account or inactive the listing, all the thing just need to process by system automatically.
As you can see they say they’ll review as soon as possible and give an answer. But what is as soon as possible, in another post, someone said it take a week to get the answer and another week to get all the listing active. someone said after 19 days, no answer.

Why it takes one day to suspend a account but a week or a month to review it?

Why all the Amazon fee I paid in the last half and 3 year cannot worth 10 minute from Amazon handmade reviewer, the people who process the Why I need to wait so long to wait for an obvious answer? It’s not just my loss, when I lose my order, Amazon lose their fee too, and even the custom’s loss if they found the product in their wishlist is unavailable. Yesterday I got a order on Etsy, the customer is favorite my product but found it’s unavailable so search me by google.

So if there’s anyone from Amazon handmade, seller or employee, please help to give the message to handmade group

Please send more staff to handle the handmade account appeal. I’ve paid you the Amazon fee, please do your service. Don’t just create trouble for the sellers who follow the rules.


My account has not been restored, the email has not been sent, and most products are not available for sale.


My handmade account was also suspended on July 11th. I immediately took photos and wrote handmade methods and provided all information required to the email address.However I never receive any reply. I thought at least I can get an auto reply to let me know they are going to review my appeal.


You have sent an email to Amazon and got a reply, but the manual account has been closed and you can’t sell handmade products, right? Then do you have FBA inventory? If there is, how do you deal with it, I have a lot of inventory now, it shows that it can’t be sold, I don’t know what to do, I gave Amazon an email reply as requested, but I didn’t get a response.


Today, I see a lot of Prime day, but I can only watch it, there is no way to sell it.No response has been received since July 10th to today


Our products are all hand-made. This is not the most important. We can sell our products under the non-manual category. We will buy UPC. The problem is that we have been working for many days now, and we have not received a response. I am trying now. Upload a lot of non-manufacturative products, use UPC, but our previous products are many in FBA, there is no way to sell now, if we do not pass the review, get a response, we will contact the seller to support the change of the category, let us Non-manufactural categories are sold below, we are not escaping from anything, but have been selling normally. Now this situation is very sudden. Now many manual sellers have received this effect, especially overseas sellers. This can be seen in another post. In addition, when we joined the manual category, we have consulted and can sell non-manufacturative products. Just don’t upload it under the manual category. Upload it under the normal category. The manual category only has one more option. Not the only one. Many of us have not received a response now.


My account has not been restored, the email has not been sent, and most products are not available for sale.


I have not received a reply yet. And I understand why you want to move the products with lots of inventory out of handmade, so they can be sell again. But the fact is handmade team’ve restricted the listing, so I think we have to wait handmade team to handle this, and have to wait for the reply.
But I really don’t know how long we have to wait, since so many appeal e-mail they need to review. And don’t know how many person are doing the review.
I’m thinking if more than a week or 10 days I still don’t receive the reply, I’m going to write to Jeff Bezos. If anyone are interesting can try his email:
That’s the last thing I can do, handmade team just shut the door, won’t communicate with us. When we are still in handmade we can open a case and get reply in one day, but now we have to wait several days to tell them, YOUR DECISION ARE NOT CORRECT! we need to be proactive, not reactive.


You are very right. On July 14th, I can change the category and turn my product into non-manual, so I can continue to sell, because there are a lot of FBA inventory, but today I contacted the category, but still can’t help. Sales, I think there is no good way except for waiting, now Prime day everyone business is very good, only we are waiters


My handmade account was also suspended on July 11, after receiving the notice I took a photo of the workplace and sent additional information as required. Today has been more than a week passed but I still have not received any answers. The product I sell is entirely a handmade product that I have designed and made myself but somehow I have been suspended.


Do you have any inventory in FBA? How to deal with stocks


My handmade account was suspended on July 11, so far I have not received any answers after sending information required. Does anyone receive any answer?