Send inventory for your deals and discounts in time for the holidays


To avoid running out of stock for your deals and discounts during the holiday season, make sure that your inventory arrives at fulfillment centers by these dates:

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: November 15, with inventory ready to ship by mid-October
  • Christmas: December 11, with inventory ready to ship by early November

For more information, go to Key FBA holiday selling dates for the US. To review your upcoming deals, go to our deals page.


Are you going to increase inventory maximums to make this possible?


Can’t send holiday inventory anymore you guys cut the storage amounts for seasonal products. It honestly is an inappropriate post by you guys and feels a bit like rubbing salt in a wound and then pouring lemon juice over it.5olklk


Amazon finally gave dates. Many have asked about it. If you do not have have the volume/quantity available…it would not be much different from last year.

Now, ready to ship by mid-October and processed and ready to for sale a month later. Many have not experienced that recently.


If you increase our restock limits, we can send inventory in time for the holidays :wink:


Amazon: Send in your inventory ASAP so our customers can get their stuff in time for the holidays.

Also Amazon: Anyways, yeah, we cancelled your shipment because you sent in too much inventory as if you wanted to be in stock through thanksgiving or something.

Meanwhile at Amazon C-Suite: Why on earth are our sales slowing?


amen. notifications like this truly reveal that the left hand is clueless to what the right hand is doing. even after fba shipments are delivered they may take up to 1 month (sometimes more) before ‘checked-in’ and another few days to weeks before fully received. but wait! after being received, they must be trucked across the nation to numerous fulfillment centers making them unavailable for another 1-2 weeks.

with such time delays it is grossly apparent that the business end has no idea what operations is doing. these time tables given are simply unrealistic. and lord have mercy if you use LTL…!

example shipment delivered a week ago. this is typical for Delaware which can take anywhere up to 3 weeks to be received


Agreed… and we don’t think many will be experiencing it in the next few months either.


one of my shipments is being slowly received and here is the partial list (screen capture can’t fit it all) of FC’s it is going to. anyone want to guess how long before the complete shipment will be available for buyers.


Mine was ‘checked in’ two weeks ago, none of the units in transfer are available.


I’m confused as to the verbiage here. *** Christmas: December 11 , with inventory ready to ship by early November**
Let’s assume we’re a US seller and sending to US fulfillment centers. In order for items to. When do we, as a seller, need to get our stuff out the door and on the way to Amazon?

I realize the earlier the better…but is Amazon saying, ship your stuff by early Nov to make sure it’s available for sale by Dec 11?


Increase our restock limits and we will follow your direction.


Correct, have inventory shipped in by early November for in-stock sales by December 11th.

That’s said, with my August & September shipments taking more than 3-4 weeks to check in + 2 weeks via LTL for delivery to receiving, I doubt this timeline is at all realistic. I don’t understand why Amazon likes to condense things so much—particularly with the worker shortages. A bulk of the seasonal products can all be checked in and stored in their slower months, which is generally July and August, before the rush to avoid worker fatigue. I assume space is just too big of an issue even for Amazon.


This is pure cruelty. Our inventory limit was just reduced to 500 units below of what’s already there. Only hot selling items. We are facing bankruptcy and the layoff of my precious employee.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday: November 15, with inventory ready to ship by mid-October
  • Christmas: December 11, with inventory ready to ship by early November

What the hell does that mean?
For Christmas, are they saying we have to get inventory to FBA by Dec 11, or by early November?


Couldn’t your employees be retrained for FBM processes? It’s not that difficult.


Yes, same comment here. Unless Amazon increases our inventory limit over the holidays to what it was before they reduced it, we have very few options of keeping enough inventory in stock. Our sales greatly increase in Nov and Dec, but we will never be able to keep items in stock with their limits and the fact that the computer is always behind on current inventory and past sales. Super frustrating


To those sellers complaining about FBA… where have you been? Amazon has the same staff shortages issues affecting many logistics/distribution businesses nationwide. It could improve or deteriorate. FBM is the answer to that dilemma, although not an easy switch for those who built their Amazon business around FBA.


Assuming they are located in the US of A.


We sell used media, individual copies. We are sourcing a lot, every day. At any given time, we have around 3,000 units for sale. The turnover is crazy. Everything sells within 90 days at most. We do some self-fulfillment on eBay, which is great. I’m glad to have that outlet for collectibles and other special items. If we convert to Amazon self-fulfillment, we will go nuts here. Yes, of course it’s “possible” to do, but absolutely everything would have to change, and we would have to rent a space (NYC, hahaha).
It’s very upsetting how Amazon is handling the inventory limits. I don’t deny that they are necessary. However, it’s unethical to increase the limit by the hundreds pretty much every week since April, obviously in response to the good items we send in, and how our inventory performs, and there really is only good stuff that Amazon customers want, and then, without anything changing on our end, the limit is dropped overnight from consistenly 2,000 additional units available to ship, to 500 below the limit, no explanation given, no solutions offered, with all metrics in the green and no excess inventory, everything exactly as they want it to be.
To top it off, they offer a $14K loan, so I can send in more inventory, and list 138 items that are in very high demand, that they want me to ship in today. Oh the cruel irony…
Seller support knows nothing. They read from help pages.