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(Edit 1- I added in a third section concerning Product Reviews after a suggestion from @papyrophilia)
(Edit 2 - I added to Section II on reporting sellers)

I’ve posted this before in responses on threads, but since these forums replace the link with the OPs title I prefer to create my own thread. So …

First - Do not start out sending an email to Amazon that you found on the internet or even in the forums … Amazon has a process they want/expect you to use.

Also - For your reference - Amazon Help Page - Report a violation, which covers both seller and buyer reporting.

Section I - Report a buyer violation section

If you are having trouble with a buyer or a buyer's order, you can report it:
  1. Go to Contact us.

  2. If it is not already selected, on the left side choose "Customers and orders"
  3. Enter the appropriate information (Starts with the Order Id).
  4. Gives you these options ....
  5. image

    Select the "Other customer and order issues"
  6. After that you will see this ... where you can report the buyer
    **Also ... if you suspect this is a competitor I would add that information in your description of the issue, but start off reporting the buying account.

Section II - Report a seller violation section

Amazon encourages sellers to report seller violations of Amazon's policies or applicable law. To report a violation:
  1. Go to Report a violation.
  2. Select Report a violation, and then provide all the relevant information so that we can conduct an investigation. To facilitate an investigation, be sure to include the following information in your complaint, as applicable:
  • The ASIN/ISBN of the item's detail page and the product title
  • The store or business name of the seller you are reporting
  • Your order ID (if applicable)
  • A concise explanation of the violation
  1. I would also send a brief email to seller-performance@amazon.com, and Cc… jeff@amazon.com, for serious issues (such as attacks on your seller account) with:
    • links to any messages in Buyer-Seller Messaging
    • Screen shots of any other proof as needed

Section III - Report Customer Product Reviews (this is not Seller Feedback)

For reports concerning “Customer Product Reviews” I recommend reading this thread posted by @jake_sellersupport - Customer Product Review Policies - Q&A Summary

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