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Sellers have recently told us that they would like more clarity on our customer product review policies, so we’d like to give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to our customer product reviews team.

Post your questions below by October 6 and use “Like this post” feature to endorse other Sellers’ questions that you feel are important. The Customer Product Reviews team will reply to as many of the top voted questions as we can by October 16.

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Fake negative reviews damage our brand. How to solve this?
Customer Product Review Policies - Q&A Summary
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How do you plan on enforcing the policy?

What measures are in place to prevent bad actors / competitors from weaponizing the policy and taking out honest sellers.


How can a seller effectively report entire listings with clearly fake, manipulated customer reviews (which are currently all over the site and nothing is being done about it) without having to click on “Report abuse” on every single of the reviews?


What about when they clearly are not true, and not authentic? When it’s clear sabotage?


What measures will you use to remove false reviews.


I just read the review policy and it dwells on what the seller can and cannot do. How about what the reviewer can and cannot do. Every so often I see a review that basically reads “I don’t know what I am doing so I do not like the product”. I understand that the product must be well described and well designed so there is not this type of problem. But sometimes there are ridiculous or detailed problems which really boil down to the fact that the buyer cannot or did not read information.


Couldn’t agree more. We don’t have many reviews in total, but our reviews are 50% positive and 50% negative. 60% of those negative reviews (based on their comments) are clearly not using the product as intended, or as the included instructions show. So our metrics get hurt by people that can’t or don’t follow instructions.


How does the “negative review” of 0.5% - 1% (essentially a rounding-error) carry so much weight, compared to the 99% of buyers that leave a “positive review” or do not leave a review at all?


Why have you been unable to prevent this avalanche of fake reviews?

It’s very common for a listing to pop up and get 10 verified 5 star reviews per day for a month.

Yet, Amazon does not take it down or delete the reviews? Will you ever fix this?


Actually, here’s one with floods of fake reviews coming in daily. Enjoy!


Here’s another one. It’s a sleeping bag, but the reviews are for a set of pots. Pretty easy to spot guys:


Will you follow up and take action on blatant violations of this policy reported and well-documented on this forum, such as those appearing on this thread?


Why are unverified reviews allowed?


Can you enforce only legitimate buyers should leave the review and unverified reviews should not be allowed at all. It could be done by some competitor to depreciate feedback record.


“A seller asks a reviewer to change or remove their review. They might also offer a refund or other compensation to a reviewer in exchange for doing so.”

Does this mean that if we reach out to a customer and attempt to resolve an issue that they reported in their review and are successful that we cannot ask them to update their review? If so, what is the benefit to the seller for adding this extra measure of customer service?


Why can’t reviews that are clearly for a different product be removed?


90% of our “customer feeback” is actually a “product review” . There is clear disconnect for Amazon shoppers on the difference between the 2 and how to leave a product review vs feedback about the seller.

How can you clarify this to make it easy for Amazon shoppers to leave a product review, when this is what they clearly want to do? Thanks


sometimes buyer leaves a negative feedback even if we refund that fully, how are you planning to make sure that negative feedback should be removed if the refund has been done. sometimes, product breaks in case of mishandling by customer and they blame the product for that however, they leave the negative feedback even if it was refunded.


On another note - an unverified positive review can mean a seller with friends and family living in different parts of the country could send them an ASIN and have them write a glowing review about a product they’ve never used or seen in order to boost a seller’s reviews and get them to the front page more quickly.


This is a suggestion. I would like Amazon to add more protection for newly listed products. If a newly listed product, receives one negative review in the beginning, that product is “dead” and it will never come back. It would be good, if Amazon offered protection for newly listed products, like not showing reviews positive and negative all together until a certain number is reached. For example, not show any reviews until the product receives at least 5 reviews (positive and negative). This would give a more realistic product rating.


Can you include any type of encouragement for reviews (offering nothing in return) in package being shipped?