Seller Able to Remove Valid Negative Feedback - How?


1st post but frequently read the boards. Thanks to many for the helpful input.

I am wondering if anyone has an opinion on how this seller has seemingly valid negative feedback, meeting all Amazon guidelines stricken from their account? My guess is they somehow automate the removal requests and just brute force them until they are removed. Any other thoughts?

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There is the chance that they were very persausive and got the buyers to remove the FB.

When we read a sellers FB we really do not know any more than what we see. And we usually have no context to interpret what we see.

I do not waste my time reading seller FB. Not when I am buying, and not when I am competing with them. I waste it in ways like posting here.


If I can read the feedback, obviously nobody has had it removed.


Fair enough on the unproductive use of time, I only happened upon this seller as they confirmed an order I placed then 2 days later sent an email about how it shipped, but would take 3 months to arrive.

As it happens I left negative feedback for this order, something to the effect of “Seller’s performance unsatisfactory, confirmed order a shipped, then 2 days later claimed it would not arrive for 3 months” This feedback disappeared within 10 hours, and I am quite certain I was not persuaded to remove it.

Are there any rules about simply requesting the same feedback be removed 100x until you get a representative who will just do whatever they (you) want?


The 2nd image shows 4 of the 5 negative feedbacks removed.


That feedback does not look normal. There are several odd names that do 4 or 5 positive feedbacks in a row.
Look for feedback by:

Vajezatha leaves multiple feedbacks, but they are interspersed with others.

EDIT: All of the names mentioned above keep popping up. Go look at the feedback.
There is no way this feedback is legit.


I’m guessing they are using a certain option when they are using the automated feedback removal tool in Help.


“Herry” NUMEROUS times on the 27th???
JP Buyer??? really?
14 new feedbacks added since this thread posted!!!


If you used the same account as your seller account, perhaps they got it removed as harassment.


Hmm. The use of obscure Biblical-text/Assyrian King List names as account handles might seem to indicate that this seller has attracted a large volume of history buffs.

But Occam would not agree - it’s most likely that @Zippy’s speculation of automation being in play is accurate…

Still, this seller is a pike compared to some, such as the two related accounts @ReeseTech and others have monitored since last fall:


“Feedback manipulation” service.

e.g.: 5 out of 5 stars
Was as described by the seller and received well before the estimated arrival date. Would buy from them again
By Baalath-beer on March 26, 2018.
5 out of 5 stars
Book was exactly what I was looking for.
By Baalath-beer on March 26, 2018.
5 out of 5 stars
Excellent transaction, book in Very Good condition!
By Baalath-beer on March 26, 2018.
5 out of 5 stars
Great buying experience. Very good price.
By Baalath-beer on March 26, 2018.


If you get the get in touch with the right Amazon support person, they can remove feedback’s for you easy. I’ve had this done before with a few negative feedback’s.


Even valid negative feedback?


The deeper I look, the worse it gets. This guy is clearly manipulating feedback.


I have been wondering the same thing, i see some sellers getting FB removed that seems to have followed Amazon policy. I would say that rocket book store is defiantly manipulating FB


I had about 3 valid, yet negative’s removed. It happened only once, i called support over the phone and the lady just said “i’ll take care of this for you” Poof, gone!


China feedback farm hard at work


Agents that did that sort of thing have been getting retrained and even disciplined by Amazon when they get caught. Amazon also updated and clarified their feedback removal section to emphasize the only reasons they are generally allowed to remove feedback. It has become increasingly difficult to get feedback removed unless it very clearly falls under one of the reasons for removal.

This guy is not just lucky in getting the negative feedback removed by bots, he has found a way to manipulate the bots into removing feedback that should not have been removed. The automated removal bots are programmed to decline or not answer requests and send them to a human for review when the seller exceeds the rate of removal requests that is deemed acceptable by the algorithm.

It likely that he has determined what will trigger the bots to pass on the requests and uses the multitude of fake positive feedbacks to keep the % of feedback that he requests removal on below that threshold. The fake positive feedback doesn’t need to be very convincing because the seller only really cares about fooling the bots, not humans. Most buyers will just order based on the percent of positive feedback they see next to the seller’s name (if they look at feedback scores at all) and don’t bother reading positive feedbacks to see if they are real.

It is also possible that he has an accomplice that works at Amazon removing feedback for him, but that is very unlikely as their performance is monitored and that employee would likely have been caught for approving too many removal requests.



bunga bunga!


I would call customer service and ask why the feedback was removed. They can sometimes get negative feedback reinstated if the buyer calls and makes an issue of it.

Also, A-Z the guy when it exceeds the original delivery window. Even without the negative feedback, you can still give him a hit to his ODR and make sure he doesn’t profit off the transaction.