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Plan of Action Review - Inauthentic Complaints

by Seller_6GpNrhTnCZp37

Plan of action review help. My account is under review for selling counterfeit goods and this is my third appeal. Please give me some pointers on my plan of action and invoice.

Dear Seller Performance,
We are writing to ensure our account review yields a successful result.
We thoroughly reviewed the account and suspect that a buyer questioned the authenticity of our products because the description of the item did not properly reflect the image of the product.
However, through our deep dive we confirmed that all of the products we sell are genuine and they came directly from the alibaba manufacturer.
We have taken down the listing.
We have taken the following corrective actions:
● We have created removal orders for all the units.
● We have closed our listings for the product and will not reopen the listing until we ensure the product and the descriptions are a match.
● We will work with Amazon to provide a refund the for all unsatisfied customers.
● We obtained invoices from our supplier and have attached them to this email.

● Going forward, we will work to obtain more detailed, itemized invoices from each of our suppliers.
● We have established a more robust and organized system for keeping all inventory. This way we have every invoice readily available should Amazon request them.
● We updated our process to ensure every image and description of the product matches the listing on Amazon.
● We will inspect every single unit we sell for quality before we list them for sale. This will avoid any buyer perception that what they received might in any way be different than or not up to standard with what they intended to purchase. This will also prevent any potential future authenticity claims.
● We will follow up with customers to make sure they are 100% satisfied with their purchase. If any customer suggests any slight dissatisfaction with the item they received, we will immediately issue a full refund and let them keep the item.
● We will make sure the detail page of all future ASINs are 100% aligned with that product in color, description, material, etc… to avoid any potential future in-authenticity complaints.
We take full responsibility for the satisfaction of Amazon’s customers. We strive to protect the Amazon Customer experience. As such, we respectfully request that Amazon reinstate our selling privileges. Thank you for working with us to resolve this issue.


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In reply to: Seller_6GpNrhTnCZp37's post

How did you confirm the items you get from Alibaba are genuine? Amazon wants more than just words.

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In reply to: Seller_6GpNrhTnCZp37's post

Hi @Raleigh_TK,

Arthur here to assist.

I have to agree with @Oneida in saying:

That being said, I want to help you in submitting a viable plan of action that addresses the inauthentic complaints in your account.

Are you only stating you suspect a buyer questioned the authenticity of your products due to communication sent to you in a performance notification? Or is it something you expected due to potential product detail page concerns? Since your account is under review for inauthentic complaints, you need to revise the root cause of your plan to describe in more detail why the product detail information is not truly matching the items in the first place.

Later in this topic, you respond to another community member who questions your process of confirming your items are genuine by stating:

What kind of items are we discussing? How did you check the material? What kind of knowledge or qualifications do you or your company have to ensure quality and authenticity based on your checks? When you say ‘manufacturer’, do you mean How are you sure where you are sourcing your items is 100% reliable? Is this where you obtain your entire inventory? or just the items that are having the authenticity questioned?

This is not a proactive corrective action to your items having inauthentic complaints. You need to provide more information in this section of the plan to detail the actions you took immediately involving the product(s) alone. On top of filing a removal order and closing them from your inventory, what other practices are you implementing right now to ensure this never happens again? What sort of policies, or educational methods are you adhering to now to impact your operations real-time?

After reading the rest of your plan, I believe you have many good points in the ‘CORRECTIVE LONG-TERM CHANGES TO BUSINESS TO PREVENT FUTURE ISSUES’ section. At this point, you should review the information already submitted, revise your plan to better align with the complaints in the account, and look to appeal as soon as possible.

I hope this helps,

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In reply to: Seller_6GpNrhTnCZp37's post

Here’s my new POA.

Dear Seller Performance,

This email provides an updated plan of action based on the feedback that us, My name, received from Seller Performance on July 2, 2019. The plan below includes our original plan first submitted and includes additional detail on the root causes of complaints, and the actions that we have taken to resolve the issues and prevent future complaints about the authenticity.

We understand the importance of creating a flawless buying experience on Amazon to earn and keep customer trust. We have conducted a deep dive to understand why certain ASINs received complaints. Below is a summary of our findings and detailed plan of action.

The issue that caused the complaint:

It was stated that customers had received products from us that were inauthentic across 3 ASINs, Bxxxxxx, Bxxxxx, and Bxxxxxx.

We have reviewed all information about these ASINs on Seller Central, including the return details and customer communications, also every negative feedback has been read, analyzed, and replied-to.

Steps we have taken to resolve this complaint:

We have completed a full review of Amazon’s policies regarding the sale of counterfeit items such as the Amazon anti-counterfeiting policy page and the policies and agreements page.

We have inspected remaining inventory, and similar items, to make sure they fully comply with Amazon’s counterfeit guidelines.

As a decision made with the Amazon customer in-mind, we are no longer going to sell these 3 ASINs that are Bxxxxx, Bxxxxx, and Bxxxxx.

All remaining inventory that are under the 3 previously stated ASINs have been discarded. So that there is no confusion in the future, we have done this as a clean slate for us as a seller to fulfill the Amazon customer’s best buyer experience.

The supplier we purchased these 3 ASINs from has been terminated. We will go strictly US for all of our future supplier relations.

We are confident that this plan-of-action will resolve the issues that caused the complaints about the condition of our items and prevent future complaints as well. Our goal is to sell items that are not considered or even perceived as counterfeit or fake, so we believe these drastic steps to resolve these complaints will completely improve the customer’s buyer experience for good.

How we will prevent similar complaints:

We have terminated the supplier of this product. Without this supplier, that we do not have an interest in working with anymore, there will be no confusion in the future. These 3 ASINs are not going to be listed from us ever again.

We have reviewed and changed our page listing processes to reflect a more accurate representation of what the customer will receive, with even more transparency and no subtleties.

Each and every negative review will be dissected and analyzed for the sole-purpose of destroying any inauthentic notion of any prospective future buyer.

We will rigorously screen the suppliers in our future, and carefully examine what exactly they are providing.


We are providing the requested supplier invoices from the last 365 days for each ASIN listed above. These reflect the sales volume during that time which we calculate as follows.

ASINTotal Sold Last 365 Days

In our prior submission we noted 4 items when it was just the 3 ASINs previously stated, the invoice provided is in regard to the sales volume from July 2, 2018 to July 2, 2019. This is the accurate depiction of sales of these products.


We take customer satisfaction very seriously and understand that we could have taken additional steps and precautions to minimize the chance of the customer having a negative customer experience. We believe that we now have a better understanding of the causes and have a solid plan of action in place to prevent any recurrence.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please let us know and we will respond promptly.


My name


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