Why can't I sell Spice Grinder, and others can sell normally?


You can see that my product is a Spice Grinder, and I see KingTop selling this type of product. So I also designed one by myself, but after I was put on the shelves, I sent 500 inventory to the FBA, and the FBA had arrived. But I received Amazon’s notice saying that my product was a tool for drug use and could not be sold, and immediately removed my product.

First of all, I can’t understand why others can sell Spice Grinder normally, but I can’t sell it because they get Amazon’s approval? Or does Amazon think that I am a new seller and qualified to sell this product?

If everyone can’t sell Spice Grinder, I can accept it, but only I can’t sell it. I think this is an unfair thing.

This is my product:

This is kingtop product:

Kitchen product flagged for removal under Drug & Paraphernalia rules - No help from Amazon!

They are not spice grinders and everyone knows it.

The other sellers have not been caught yet. Many sellers have had their weed grinders removed in the last few weeks.

You should worry more about Amazon policies and make sure you follow them, not what other sellers are doing.


Here are some posts for your reading pleasure.


You will not convince Amazon or anyone else that is a spice grinder.

You know perfectly well what it is.

Amazon prohibits paraphernalia.
You are attempting to sell paraphernalia.

The removal is 100% fair.

Just because others have not been caught yet does not negate the fairness of your removal.


By selectively picking who can sell them, amazon is creating a problem for themselves, its called discrimination. That appears to fall outside the scope of binding arbitration…


Ehhh… I don’t think Amazon is picking some sellers for whom it’s “OK” for them to sell this so much as there are lots of them already selling and not all have been caught yet.


They would suddenly have a much healthier society. I think the exchange would be much more in their favor then ours.


They are.

amazon is using ai to sweep the listings. Nothing varies among sellers, fact of the matter is a general layman’s search from the amazon search bar using "weed grinder" yields at this instance in time 911 results.

No doubt what so ever that what is going on is clear discrimination. Its also called keeping investors happy, when the number of sellers drop Wall Street loses confidence in amazon.

Also note that ASIN B09YD6FWJS is a seller from China, very clear what is going on with the discrimination.

Character printed on the top of that weed grinder has a blunt sticking out…

Its also a PRIME DAY DEAL.


The bots that remove these prohibited products do not run all of the time.

They are scheduled to run at times where computer capacity is available and run until it is not.

They do not catch all violations when they run, but in time they catch lots of them.

You were unlucky, and cannot join the game again with the same violation.


I’ve been meaning to get a spice grinder on Amazon for months, but I keep forgetting. Maybe I should do it now before it is too late.
Nah, I’ll do it later.


It is hilarious how all these posts have the same “but they get to do it” theme when caught.


Agreed, but at the same time it’s also a valid point. One does have to wonder how some get away with complete disregard for the rules and others don’t. In the context of “Well I should be able to do it too” of course not, but the people getting away with it shouldn’t be.


:man_facepalming: That might as well be an Amazon Seal of Approval.


It is hella sus when a Seller commissions quantity 500 and sends them all and only to Amazon, as a “brand” that exists no where else online or in-person.

Amazon did their pre-vetting due diligence to, um, weed out an unsavory Seller/product.

Meanwhile, the other (actual) brand mentioned has its own bustling website and sells on multiple other channels, including among others Kmart. Kmart.

This is not Amazon playing favorites. This is Amazon differentiating between legitimate versus suspect Sellers and products, and understanding the difference between a product being adapted for off-label uses (spice grinder) versus a product being manufactured specifically for prohibited sale and trying to circumvent policies (weed grinder).


It is.

amazon was able to use image analysis to pick out “confederate flags” and terminate those listings. Weed grinders removed and those still active have the same characteristics.


If you want fair each county have them most autumn’s in the US.

Life isn’t fair, get over it.

I want this, I want that. Why can’t I have what they have…Stop worrying about everyone else.


Not really. Or we would see more sellers trying to use the actual term for the product that is actually going to be grinding.

Too many factors to say. Perhaps the other listings simply have reviews or other data that supports the actual “herb” utilization, perhaps they were hijacked from another product and fly under the radar as a spatula, who knows. But none of that makes it okay.


I can see it is for illegal drug use.


I’m waiting for the guy that says why can’t I sell my toothpicks…

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That’s clearly a multitool for separating upper and lower receivers, adjusting front post sights, clearing debris from trigger assemblies, unsticking boot zippers…